When you’ve faced breast cancer and gone through a mastectomy, it takes a significant toll on your body and mind. Time is needed for full physical and emotional healing, and it can take a while before you feel like yourself again.

Before breast surgery, you may have looked at bras and camis as frivolous indulgences, but post-surgery, they’re often seen in a new light. As you’re recovering from surgery, the right bra and camisole can give you the support and comfort you need while helping you feel feminine.

Why The Right Bra Matters

Choosing the right post-mastectomy bra is a fundamental part of the healing process. Regardless of whether you’ve had a full mastectomy, lumpectomy, or breast reconstruction, a well-chosen mastectomy bra is a step toward helping you feel like yourself again.

Immediately after surgery, you’ll need to wear a compression bra to prevent lymphedema and manage post-surgical swelling. You’ll likely feel sore, uncomfortable, and have limited mobility in these early days, so a soft, front-closure bra is ideal for easy dressing.

Later, you will be free to transition to pieces that more closely resemble your regular underwear. A mastectomy bra will offer optimal support after your incisions have healed and include options to help you fill out your curves.

After surgery, your breasts may be unevenly sized or smaller than they used to be; breast forms allow you to create a natural shape within your mastectomy bra. Many mastectomy bras feature inbuilt pockets, so you can choose whether you want to include prosthetics or wear the bra without them.

What to Look For in a Post-Mastectomy Bra

The right post-surgical mastectomy bra will include features that maximize comfort and support. Look for:

  • Full cups
  • No underwire
  • Soft material
  • Soft seams or seamless construction
  • Deep front and side panels
  • Adjustable straps
  • Wide underband

There may be additional features that benefit you and the stage you’re at, such as getting a bra with a front closure or one which works well with drainage pouches. But, if you adhere to this list, you’ll come away with a bra that truly suits your new shape.

Full cups Bra

The Jodee Zip Front Bra is the perfect choice for the early days of post-surgical healing. If you don’t feel ready for the standard bra construction, this is a great interim piece. This is classified as a leisure bra for use immediately after surgery, but the design gives good shape under clothing without looking bulky. Also included is an inbuilt cup pocket for prosthetic breast forms.

T-Shirt Mastectomy Bra

The ABC T-Shirt Mastectomy Bra is closer to the usual bra style. Coming in the classic T-shirt style, this piece has a plunging neckline and smooth foam cups. The padded stretch straps won’t dig in, and the seamless style makes it easy to wear even under tight-fitting garments.

What to Look For in Post-Mastectomy Camisole

Camisoles come in a range of styles. The right post-surgical camisole can help you feel feminine and be a great addition to your wardrobe. Mastectomy camisoles aren’t simply for appearances; many models have been specially designed for post-mastectomy wear with accessible dressing features, compression fabric, and drain management.

Post-Mastectomy Camisole

The LuisaLuisa Post Surgical Camisole is available in white or pink and in a range of sizes.

It comes equipped with a host of post-surgical features. The front zipper allows for easy dressing and undressing when there’s a restricted range of motion. Adjustable, front-detachable straps enable you to step in and out of the cami and create a comfortable custom fit. Internal pockets hold breast forms securely without the need for a bra. Four in-built drainage pouches hold drain tubes for discrete tube management.

Luisa Camisole Tank Top

The Luisa Camisole Tank Top is made for the latter stages of your healing process. The super-soft cotton/lycra construction provides a comfortable fit, and the inbuilt pocketed bra adds a great practical feature for holding a prosthesis. Wear it on its own in the summer months, or layer it with a cozy sweater when the weather turns cold.

Discover Your Perfect Size

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