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Many women struggle with low self-esteem and poor self-image after a mastectomy or breast cancer surgery. Some women say they have trouble feeling feminine after having breast tissue removed. Others report intimacy problems following a mastectomy. Moreover, their pre-surgery clothing no longer fits or feels different.

A mastectomy bra that is both supportive and attractive can help you regain confidence after surgery. Explore available mastectomy bra options and discover how adding a camisole style bra to your wardrobe can help you as you learn to thrive in your new body.

Types of Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy bras are specifically designed for women to wear after breast cancer surgery. With so many options available, it is easy to find a bra with styles and features to meet each woman’s specific needs.

Post-Surgery Bra

These bras are designed to be worn directly after surgery and feature a front closure that allows easy access to the surgical site and soft materials that won’t irritate the skin. Most post-surgery bras come with pouches for drain management.

Compression Bra

Bras that offer gentle compression can help prevent lymphedema (the build-up of lymph fluid that causes uncomfortable limb swelling) after breast surgery. Compression bras help circulate blood and vital healing nutrients to the surgical site to promote recovery.

Leisure Bra

Leisure bras generally have a high cotton content making them ultra soft and comfortable. If your doctor recommends sleeping in a bra, choose a leisure bra for all-night comfort and protection.

Sports Bra

Mastectomy sports bras allow women to return to an active lifestyle after surgery. Look for a sports bra with wide, supportive shoulder straps and paneling underneath the cups to minimize breast bounce.

Fashion Bra

These bras focus on femininity, often featuring lace or delicate floral designs. The lace can help hide scars or radiation burns so that you can wear lower necklines.

Posture Support Bra

Posture support bras gently but firmly pull your shoulders back to keep you standing tall. Most of these bras offer back-hook adjustments so you can fit the bra to what’s most comfortable.

Posture Support Bra

What are the Benefits of a Mastectomy Camisole Bra?

A mastectomy camisole bra is a popular kind of post-surgical bra that offers numerous benefits to women after a mastectomy, including:

High Neckline

Camisole-style bras feature delicate lace that spans the chest over the bra cups, creating a higher neckline than other bras. This high neckline allows women to wear lower-cut tops without revealing cleavage, scar tissue, or radiation therapy burns.

Add Style to an Outfit

When worn under a low-cut tee or V-neck, the lace from the cami bra can add a pop of color and feminine flair to liven up an otherwise simple outfit. Pairing a lace camisole bra with a comfortable shirt for an evening out can help you look and feel dressed up while staying comfortable.

Feel Attractive

Many women find that wearing a camisole bra makes them feel more confident, attractive, and feminine post-mastectomy. Camisole-style bras have the support you need in a mastectomy bra without looking too functional. More colorful options are also available, so you don’t have to settle for nude or beige tones.


Most camisole-style bras come with removable pockets for breast forms. A pocketed bra can protect your breast prostheses and keep them secure during movement. The ideal material for these pockets manages moisture, so your chest stays cool and dry.

Soft Material

Camisole bras are usually made of very soft silky materials and can generally offer the same level of comfort as a traditional padded bra. The bra often features molded, seamless cups to keep your breasts secure and comfortable while helping create a natural shape.

Wire-Free Design

Like most mastectomy bras, camisole bras have no underwire. Bras with an underwire can rub up against and irritate the incisions and scars at your surgical site and should be avoided when possible.

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Post-Surgery Camisoles

After getting a mastectomy, some women wear a camisole (a tank top with no sleeves) instead of a bra during early recovery. Unlike a camisole bra, a camisole tank top covers all or most of your stomach. Wearing a camisole can significantly benefit women who experience extreme soreness or sensitivity in their breast area following surgery.

Post-surgical camisoles are generally made of soft, stretchy cotton with seams that won’t irritate your skin. Many come with pockets below the breasts that can hold drains. Many women find camisoles allow a full range of comfortable movement and are easier to work with than traditional bras. Your doctor may suggest wearing a camisole tank top immediately after surgery and switching to a mastectomy bra later.

Find a Mastectomy Camisole Bra

Deciding to undergo a mastectomy surgery is a significant decision that comes with challenges no one but those who have gone through it can fully fathom. After surgery, you’ll want to make your recovery as easy and comfortable as possible.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe carries various post-surgical mastectomy bras from the most trusted brands, including American Breast Care and Amoena. We also offer camisoles and tank tops that are perfect for layering and leisurewear for extra comfort around the house.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe offers in-person and virtual custom fittings for breast forms and bras to find the perfect band and cup size. Schedule an appointment using our fitting calendar or call us at (954) 978-8287.



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