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dale“The custom breast prostheses gave me comfort, the symmetry was just right, and they feel more natural. . . It’s an excellent alternative to reconstruction.”

Dale is a three-time breast cancer survivor with her initial diagnosis at age 36. She eventually had a bilateral mastectomy and decided reconstruction was not for her.

jenifer“The prostheses contour in the right spots against my chestwall. It’s like a puzzle-piece. . . it just fits perfectly.”

Jennifer chose to have reconstruction after her double mastectomy. When the reconstruction failed, the surgery left her with a contoured and asymmetrical chest wall, making it difficult to fit breast forms.

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Ask your fitter

Speak with your fitter to schedule your personal ABC custom breast prosthesis design experience.


Personal scan session

State-of-the-art 3D scanning technology has superior accuracy to guarantee a well-fitting prosthesis.


Final fitting

When the ABC custom breast prosthesis arrives, your fitter will contact you to set up a personal fit appointment.

Where can I find a custom breast prosthesis?

ABC works with retailers around the country who specialize in taking care of your specific needs to develop the ultimate, customized breast prosthesis. Use our retailer locator to find a 3D Scanning location near you.

How long will it take before I receive my custom breast prosthesis?

As soon as we receive your order from the custom retailer, the manufacturing and design processes begin! You will usually receive a call from your custom retailer 6 to 8 weeks* following your scan appointment to schedule your final fitting with the Custom Breast Prosthesis.
*Manufacturing time does vary with the work load and is influenced by the time of year your order is placed.

How soon after surgery can I be scanned for a custom breast prosthesis?

We recommend you wait until your surgical site is completely healed, and the swelling at the site is diminished–usually around 3 to 6 months. But, individual healing varies greatly, and you should discuss the best option for you with your Certified Mastectomy Fitter at your custom retailer.

Is this a good alternative to reconstruction?

Yes! Many of our customers use the CBP as an alternative to reconstruction to either test whether they really want reconstruction, or as a permanent non-invasive solution.

The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis is a great alternative for ladies who have had reconstruction and are looking for symmetry that reconstruction wasn’t able to achieve.

How long does a custom breast prosthesis last?

The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis has a 2 year manufacturing warranty. Though, if the wear and care instructions are followed appropriately, the custom breast prosthesis should last longer than the 2 year warranty.

How does a custom breast prosthesis stay in place?

With a well-fitting, supportive bra, the custom breast prosthesis will fit snuggly against the chest wall inside of the bra cup.

Can I wear a custom breast prosthesis with any bra or camisole?

Our ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis Designers will do their best to meet your specific requirements. We are pleased to design your custom for any bra you choose. Most women have a favorite bra style that they will wear most often. That is the bra we recommend you use for your scanning appointment. Whether a mastectomy bra or camisole, or fashion bra or underwire, the ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis will be designed to fit ideally in your favorite bra. You may wear any other bras you choose, but the optimal fit will be in the bra in which you are scanned.

Can I swim with a custom breast prosthesis?

Yes, you can swim with your ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis. After use, wash with gentle soap and warm water.

Where is the ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis made?

All of our ABC breast forms and custom breast prostheses are made in Marietta, GA, USA.

How heavy is a custom breast prosthesis?

The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis is about 45% lighter than the weight of natural breast tissue. Additionally, this custom-made breast prosthesis is shaped specifically to you and your chest wall or remaining breast tissue. This intimate fit combined with the lighter weight leads many women to remark that they feel like themselves again and that they don’t think about wearing a breast form.

Is the custom scanner technology safe?

Yes, the ABC scanning technology is very safe. A multitude of Orthotic and Prosthetic medical professionals use this same device to safely capture precise scans of their patients. No harmful lasers or radiation are emitted through the scanner.

How long is an appointment for the scan?

When you get scanned for your custom breast prosthesis, the appointment can last 20 minutes to an hour depending on what your needs are from the custom.

For which surgeries does a custom breast prosthesis work?

The custom breast prosthesis is optimal for a partial mastectomy, breast conserving surgery, simple mastectomy, radical mastectomy, reconstruction, Poland’s syndrome, burn victims, or asymmetry of any kind. To find out if custom is the answer for you, find a retailer near you.

Is it okay to wear a custom breast prosthesis through TSA checkpoints at airports?

Yes, breast prostheses are okay to wear through TSA checkpoints at airports as well as other screening situations. Though, you may be subject to a more in-depth security screening. Some women print out and carry this TSA notification card while traveling to show to an agent. For more information, please check the TSA website.

Can I have my custom breast prosthesis sent to my home?

At ABC, we value the skill and input of a Certified Mastectomy Fitter. Although not always convenient, the knowledge of your fitter is too valuable to disregard. ABC recommends making a fitting appointment for your custom-made prosthesis so that you get a fully customized experience. This fit appointment allows the fitter to answer questions and offer advice on wearing your ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis.

How do I wash my ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis?
For instructions on washing your open-back custom prosthesis

For instructions on washing your closed-back custom prosthesis

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