A breast cancer surgery is a life-changing experience, and afterward marks a new chapter in a woman’s life. Each woman should have access to post-mastectomy products that help to make the healing and recovery process as comfortable and successful as possible.

If you or your loved one has recently endured a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or other breast cancer surgery, you may have been asked to invest in a post-mastectomy bra. Knowing the basics and what to look for when shopping for a post-mastectomy bra can make the process simple and rewarding.

Compression Bras

Immediately following your surgery, your doctor will most likely recommend post-surgical bras such as a compression bra. A compression bra is an important aspect of the healing process that can aid and contribute to a successful recovery.

Compression bras help to minimize swelling at the surgical sites. They help to increase blood flow and circulation to the area which may reduce the buildup of scar tissue. In addition, compression can help to speed up the healing process by supporting healthy blood flow.

Compression bras can help to reduce the risk of developing lymphedema, or damage to the lymphatic nerves, following breast cancer surgery. A compression bra can help to stabilize the chest area and protect sensitive skin from bacteria and infection.

Post Mastectomy Bra

The Ameona Sarah Recovery and Compression bra supports post-surgical drainage devices should you need one. In addition, the molded cups and flat seams reduce the risk of irritation to sensitive areas on the skin.

Mastectomy Bras

Once the adequate amount of time for healing has passed, your physician will assess your progress and whether you can move from a compression bra to a mastectomy bra. Mastectomy bras are designed with supportive features as well to allow for healing to continue.

Wide straps and bands provide extra support and minimize friction to sensitive areas and scar tissue. Front closures allow you to easily put on and take off your bra as needed, without having to stretch and maneuver too much. Seamless and soft fabrics are ideal to support sensitive skin, especially after any sort of radiation therapy.

If you opt-out of breast reconstruction surgery, you may consider wearing a breast prosthesis. Mastectomy bras are designed with pockets sewn into the cups to hold your breast forms securely in place.

Classique Post Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy styles don’t stray too far from the styles of regular bras, and there is something for each woman’s taste. The Classique Post Mastectomy bra is sexy and supportive, featuring flex-wire technology that provides support like an underwire but is as comfortable as a soft cup.

The Fitting Process

A post-surgery bra fitting is necessary to ensure you purchase a bra that not only fits well but is supportive but comfortable as well. When buying a mastectomy bra, we recommend working with one of our board-certified mastectomy fitters who can perform a bra fitting and accurately measure for your new bra size.

In addition, certified fitters are knowledgeable experts in post-mastectomy products and can make recommendations based on your desires and needs. Should you choose to wear a breast prosthesis, a certified fitter can take measurements for those as well, in addition to answering any questions you might have about the process.

Paying for Post Mastectomy Products

Prior to making any purchases such as a post-mastectomy bra or breast prostheses, it is important to contact your insurance company to find out whether they offer coverage for these items. Not all insurance plans, but some, will cover some or most of the cost of post-mastectomy items such as bras and breast forms.

They may require written authorization or a prescription from your physician. If you choose to work with one of our certified mastectomy fitters, they can assist you with the insurance process as well.

Final Thoughts

Breast surgery is life-changing and presents many challenges to overcome. At A Fitting Experience, Mastectomy Shoppe, we are proud to be a partner in women’s recovery. Please contact us at any time with any questions or concerns regarding our products and services.

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