Post-surgical mastectomy camisoles afford women living post-mastectomy, lumpectomy, and breast reconstruction the support and features they need for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

However, at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, we understand that, when it comes to choosing to wear a mastectomy camisole, the wide range of options available can be overwhelming. On top of this, many women are understandably hesitant at the idea of choosing a camisole online before trying it on.

The following are our top three choices for post-surgical camisoles that you can try before you buy at our Margate, Florida location, the largest selection of post-breast surgery apparel available in South Florida.

1. Amoena Michelle Mastectomy Camisole with Drain Management

Amoena is one of the most trusted brand names in mastectomy, and for good reason. Time and again, the designers at Amoena put out some of the most aesthetically-aware yet functional surgery clothing on the market.

The Amoena Michelle Mastectomy Camisole with Drain Management is no different. This post-surgical tank top incorporates all the recovery wear features you need into a camisole that looks comfortable, streamlined, and anything but medical.

One of the key benefits of the Michelle is the piece’s integrated VELCRO® brand hook-and-loop fastenings for easy access removable drainage pouches, which make securing drainage elements much more manageable. Constructed of a super soft cotton blend, the Michelle offers serious comfort and support without being too restrictive, allowing the skin to breathe.

In addition, the breast cancer camisole features a stretch neckline for easy step-in entry and smooth seams that won’t irritate sensitive surgical sites. Finally, Amoena includes two fiberfill post-surgical forms, as well as two drainage pouches with your Michelle Mastectomy Camisole purchase.

2. ABC Zip-Front Post-Surgical Camisole with Drain Management

When it comes to versatility, American Breast Care’s Zip-Front Post-Surgical Camisole is one of the mastectomy camisoles available on the market.

This garment features not one, but two different entry options for women who are experiencing limited mobility following their mastectomy lumpectomy surgery or breast reconstruction surgery. By simply detaching the shoulder clasps at the front of the camisole, it can easily be used as a step-in garment. For non-step-in entry, simply use the camisole’s front zipper closure, which is reinforced with an inner zipper pad to prevent any irritation to sensitive skin and surgical areas.

The shoulder bands are wide for additional support and fully-adjustable at the front of the piece to make adjusting the fit easily accessible for those with limited mobility.

Like the Amoena Michelle, it also features detachable drainage pouches that are discreetly fastened in place with internal VELCRO® fastening on the elastic underband. Again, the purchase of this particular model, which is available in a range of sizes and colors, comes complete with two triangle puff leisure forms and two VELCRO® attachable drainage pouches and is completely wire-free.

3. Wear Ease® Dawn Post-Surgical Camisole

Looking for something a little bit more elegant in your recovery wear? Wear Ease® has you covered with the Dawn Post-Surgical Camisole.

A no-closure camisole, the Dawn features an easy step-in design and is 100% constructed and sewn in the United States of a fine, no-pill combed cotton that is breathable, yet durable. The seamless construction also includes stretch lace detailing at the neckline and lingerie satin elastic for an added touch of elegance and a feminine feel throughout.

Another key benefit of the Dawn camisole is the integrated shelf bra with bilateral pockets that securely hold leisure forms in place, making it the perfect garment for transitioning from recovery to daily wear.

Find your fit at A Fitting Experience

The most important feature of any mastectomy camisole, breast prosthesis, or post-surgical bra? The fit!

At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, our all-female staff of certified and licensed mastectomy fitters understands the beautiful diversity of the female form, and that no two women are exactly alike. So why should you settle for a one-size fits all mastectomy garment? The answer is easy: you shouldn’t!

Allow our staff to help breast cancer survivors find not only the garment, but the breast forms and the right fit to keep you feeling in control, comfortable, and beautiful in any clothing throughout your recovery.

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