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"From Radical to Reconstruction"

"From Radical to Reconstruction"

Pocketed Bras

Mastectomy bras with pockets are excellent products for helping breast cancer survivors feel comfortable and confident. Pocketed bras come in different varieties. We’ve compiled a guide for finding great pocketed bras.

The Basic Variety

A basic mastectomy bra has pockets to hold your breast prosthesis securely in place against your chest wall. Many women prefer pocketed bras to regular bras, even with self-adhesive silicone breast forms, as the soft fabric pockets provide a gentle layer between sensitive skin and the breast form.

Post-Surgical Bra

These bras are designed to be worn after surgery and tend to have extra support and adjustable features. Post-surgical bras have pockets that can be used after surgery to hold drain pouches. Later on, you can use post-surgical bras as you would use basic mastectomy bras.

Look for wide chest bands that offer added support and wide, adjustable shoulder straps that make the bra more comfortable. Zip-up front closures make it easy to don and remove the bra with minimal arm lifting, making it more comfortable to wear right after surgery.

Compression Bra

Compression bras are post-surgical bras designed to reduce inflammation and symptoms of lymphedema. You can wear a pocketed compression bra with a soft, fiberfill breast form after surgery for maximum comfort.

Compression bras that extend longer down your torso do the best job at reducing inflammation. Front closures and adjustable straps are even more important with compression bras to keep the item snug against your body.

Posture Support

A pocketed bra that gently pulls your shoulders back can help you maintain a better posture. This can help reduce back pain and help you look and feel more energized.

Full Figure

Ladies with large busts can benefit from full figure pocketed bras. These bras feature wide side and underbust panels to provide extra support. Wide, adjustable straps can reduce the strain on your shoulders and make for more comfortable bras.

Especially if you wear weighted breast forms, a bra that is built to accommodate full figures can make wearing a bra much more comfortable.

Fashion Bra

Fashion Bra

A beautiful, pocketed bra is a great confidence booster. Lace bras that are designed for mastectomy patients do the best job of flattering and rounding your figure while maintaining coverage around your chest and armholes.

Semi-transparent lace or lace overlay add classic style to your bras while providing enough coverage to keep you comfortable.

Tips for Finding the Right Bra

A good bra should give you support all day without reminding you it’s there too often. It can be frustrating having to constantly adjust your bra or seeing the one bra that you never wear in your drawers. These simple tips can help you avoid those problems.

Know your fabrics

Breathable or wicking fabrics can help keep you comfortable during the hot summer months. Natural fabrics, like cotton, are good for sensitive skin, while synthetic fabrics, like polyester and spandex, can provide extra stretch and comfort.

Read the reviews

Reading what other women have to say about certain bras can clue you in on the quality of the product. Alternatively, visit a curated online shop that stocks the highest-performing bras from a wide range of brands.

Stick to your favorite styles

If you find a bra that you love, consider what you like about the product, from wide straps to smoothing cups to a front closure, and look for those elements the next time you’re shopping for bras.

Find the right fit

A bra is only as good as it fits, and it can be especially hard to find a well-fitting bra after a mastectomy. Visiting a licensed fitter can help you find bras that work with your body.

The Takeaway

Pocketed bras are excellent products that can help mastectomy patients look and feel great. Making sure you have the right fit can ensure you choose a mastectomy bra that is perfect for your unique body and needs. Contact A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe by calling (954) 978-8287 to schedule your personal fitting appointment.

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