Choosing to undergo a single or double mastectomy can be traumatic. Many women who are faced with this decision often decide that breast reconstruction is too overwhelming a surgery to take on following a mastectomy.

For the brave women who have faced a breast cancer diagnosis, an excellent alternative to surgery is to choose to wear breast prosthetics. It’s essential to find the right fit and comfort level for your body but knowing when to start wearing a prosthesis is crucial, too.

Having the right information is necessary when making choices about your body. Here is a timeline to help you when getting ready to wear artificial breasts.

Following Surgery

Immediately after a mastectomy, women experience swelling, discomfort, and tenderness at the incision site. Your doctors, therapists, and surgeons may recommend wearing a post-surgical compression bra that uses gentle pressure to aid the healing process and prevent lymphedema or infection.

Typically, these bras feature easy access for drainage ports and front clasps to help you take the bra off and open it easily for easy and quick dressing changes.

In most circumstances, it’s best to avoid wearing breast forms immediately after your surgery, as doing so may reduce the effectiveness of your compression bra while also irritating any delicate skin or wounds around the surgical site. Breast forms also add extra weight to your chest wall, increasing your risk of injury and loosen surgical sutures.

Two Weeks Post-Op

Two weeks after surgery is a suitable time to start wearing leisure or recovery mastectomy bras. Leisure bras are made with breathable cotton and microfiber materials. They’re great for lounging around the house comfortably and offer seamless designs and adjustable straps. These features reduce irritation to your sensitive skin while you heal.

You can achieve the body symmetry you desire by wearing foam breast forms like the Trulife Featherweight Foam Form. Doing so enables you to start adjusting more easily to life following a mastectomy.

Foam forms are the best option as they are lightweight and will not pressure your chest wall during recovery. However, you should always consult your doctor before wearing any type of breast prosthesis.

Six Weeks After Surgery

You may still experience discomfort or itching from your surgery approximately six weeks following your surgery. Your doctor will inspect the surgical site and recommend when you can resume your normal daily activities.

As soon as you get the all-clear for regular activities, you can start wearing Jodee Sincerely Asymmetrical Silicone Breast Forms with a mastectomy bra. Silicone breast forms are the most similar to your natural breasts.

This is also the perfect time to schedule a professional fitting with a fitter who’s received specialized training and is certified to fit breast prosthetics. You should no longer be feeling tender, and the swelling you’ve experienced should have dissipated.

Certified fitters can assist you in finding a breast form that’s perfect for your body. You may have a preference for specific sizes, shapes, colors, and weights. Several different materials are used for breast forms and various features to emphasize your body’s natural contours. Some can be used while you exercise while others are comfortable enough to sleep with.

Once you’ve been approved for low impact activities, including swimming, you may want to consider a specialized swim form. The ABC Triangle Swim Breast Forms are specifically designed for use in water. They are quick-drying and feature backings that can circulate air better than other breast forms that allow your skin to dry quickly, too. Pair them with pocketed mastectomy swimwear, and you’ll be back to feeling like yourself in no time.

Custom ABC Breast Forms

A custom ABC breast form is an excellent alternative to reconstructive surgery. Using 3-D technology, your BOC certified fitter can customize your breast prosthesis’ shape, size, and skin tone for the perfect fit.

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