Buy Silicone Breast Forms Online

Silicone breast forms are the most popular option for post-mastectomy breast forms on the market. Thanks to excellent online retailers like, you can buy silicone breast forms online at the convenience and discretion of your own home.

Buy Silicone Breast Forms Online

Why silicone?

Unlike other breast form materials, silicone materials perfectly mimic the natural feel, color, movement, and weight of breast tissue. With prolonged exposure to the skin, silicone materials also warm to body temperature, making them more comfortable for daily wear.

Additionally, silicone is soft against sensitive chest tissue and will not irritate surgical sites.

Silicone form shapes

Basic triangular silicone forms offer maximum comfort and are lightweight. This keeps them from placing unnecessary strain on the chest and back. They are made to feel smooth against the skin and sit naturally on the chest or in the cups of post mastectomy bras.

More advanced silicone forms come in a variety of shapes, including oval, partial, teardrop, and triangular to afford the perfect match for your body structure. Many of these sets are available in various skin tones for maximum personalization.

Silicone forms adhere to the body with a special adhesive or by utilizing a concave shape for a secure fit. They can also be worn with post mastectomy swimwear that is outfitted with bilateral pockets.

Swim forms

Swim forms

Because of its durability, silicone is an ideal material for swim breast prostheses. Silicone swim forms, like the Anita 1086X Silicone Swim Form, are suitable for use in thermal baths, chlorine, and salt water.

The symmetrical design of swim forms means they can be used on either side of the body. Because silicone does not absorb water, these forms are fast drying and comfortable for prolonged wear at the pool or the beach.

Get fitted

As with all mastectomy wear, finding the right fit for breast prostheses is essential. The specialists at A Fitting Experience are happy to help you get fitted and get going.

With so many great options to consider, let us provide you with the right post-mastectomy product, fitted to perfection.



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