Scheduling a mastectomy prosthesis fitting is an integral part of the post-breast cancer surgery process. Certified mastectomy fitters, like those at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, can assist you in finding the right breast forms and mastectomy bras to get you back into the activities you enjoy and make the road to recovery a smooth one.

If you have recently undergone a mastectomy or will have one in the future, you may have some questions: Is there a mastectomy bra fitting service near me? What happens during the fitting process? How many bras do I need? When should I schedule an appointment? Will my insurance company pay for my products?

This starter guide to the fitting process can answer these questions and more.

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When to Schedule

Though it may vary, your doctor will likely recommend you wait between four and six weeks post-surgery before scheduling a fitting. Please contact your doctor or breast care nurse prior to scheduling a fitting appointment.

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Who Does the Fitting?

Our fitters are American Board of Certification and BOC Certified Fitters, as these are the nationally recognized professional organizations that comply with strict facility and fitter standards.

Our fitters are trained in continuing education programs developed by mastectomy product manufacturers. Because of this, they have the most in-depth knowledge about post-mastectomy products and which ones are best for different surgery-types and special circumstances.

The Fitting Process

While the fitting process will vary slightly from fitter to fitter, one thing should always remain the same: Your fitting will be conducted in complete privacy.

When you arrive for your fitting, you will meet with your assigned fitter for a consultation to discuss your surgery and the look you are trying to achieve with your breast prosthesis.
You and your certified fitter will then go to a fitting room so they can assess the condition of the skin and chest wall and any remaining breast tissue.

After discerning whether the area is healed and that it is safe to wear a prosthesis and bras, your fitter will begin the measurement process. She will take a series of measurements at certain points of the chest, shoulder, and rib cage to determine the correct bra and prosthesis size for you. Determining the correct bra fit is essential for ensuring your prostheses fit naturally and are comfortable for prolonged wear.

After this, your fitter will recommend prostheses options as well as pocket bras based on your measurements, body type, lifestyle, and remaining breast tissue.

Because your fitter will have the different types of prostheses available, this is an excellent opportunity to try out the various shapes, sizes, and styles and find the best fit for your form.

It is best to wear tops with a tighter fit to a fitting so you can see how the prostheses form to your body. If for any reason you do not like how the prostheses look or feel, speak up! Your fitter will be happy to show you other options.

Will My Insurance Pay for My Mastectomy Products?

Though it varies according to your insurance provider, many plans do include coverage for mastectomy wear and prostheses. Contact your health insurance provider for details.

When to Schedule Return Fittings

Women’s bodies change over time as our weight fluctuates. It is important to schedule annual or semi-annual appointments with your fitter to ensure you always have the right fit for your needs. At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, we keep a medical record chart and notify you of your next fitting appointment.

Last Word

Having a professional post-mastectomy fitting is the best way to guarantee you are living your most comfortable, care-free life after breast surgery. With the right fitter, it can be a fun, exciting, and even cathartic process. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and customer service-oriented, and we look forward to helping you with a successful recovery.


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