Compression Bra After Mastectomy for Sale

Wearing a compression bra after mastectomy surgery is the best way to help aid in the healing process and mitigate the chance of developing issues with lymphedema.

The certified fitters at A Fitting Experience can help find what works best for you after breast surgery and ensure that it fits correctly so that your recovery period is as smooth as possible.

Prairie Wear Huggerprima Post-Surgical Compression & Active Recovery Bra and Binder

This specialty bra is designed to be worn 24/7, from work to yoga to dinner and whatever else may be happening in your daily life.

The Prairie Wear Huggerprima features seamless design that ensures there are no seams that can create potential friction points on the sensitive skin of surgical sites.

It also features what is referred to as targeted compression to offer higher support to the area that need it and lower support to the areas that don’t for breathability.

For example, over the shoulders, above the breasts, and along the top of your back, the bra is composed of a looser knit to moderate body heat. Meanwhile the band, chest, and back panel are composed of a two-level, high-compression knit for maximum support where you need it.

Special antibacterial fabric is used to make the bra, ensuring that get multiple wears out of it before washing is required.

Because of its front zipper closure, this bra is easy to put on and take off, which comes in handy post-surgery when you are experiencing limited mobility.

Finally, the shoulder straps are easy to use and adjust the seamless pockets hold breast forms in place, making the Huggerprima a great compression bra after a mastectomy.

Get fitted and get going

The expert fitters at A Fitting Experience can help you get fitted for the perfect compression bra before your surgery so that you are ready to take on the recovery period in complete comfort.

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