Following a mastectomy, you may wonder how to find a bra to fit your new body. Fortunately, there are many specially designed bras with supportive features for you to choose from. Whether breast reconstruction is part of your plan, or you’ve chosen to wear breast forms, there are mastectomy bras available to give you the support you need. Finding the right fit will make you not only more comfortable, but also set you on the path to confidence once again.

Mastectomy Bra Fitting

The best way to ensure you are wearing the proper bra size is to schedule a fitting with a BOC certified fitter. Find these dedicated professionals at specialty shops such as A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe.

Once you schedule a mastectomy bra fitting, it helps to know what to expect and how to prepare.

Private Consultation and Assessment

The first step of a mastectomy bra fitting is a private consultation with a dedicated and compassionate fitter. Together you will discuss your choices and learn about the different options available.

Since all breast surgeries are different and body types vary, it’s important to be as open with your fitter as possible. She will know the right questions to ask to prompt you, so don’t worry about forgetting to mention all your concerns. Ask whatever questions you like. Your privacy is of utmost importance here, and you can expect the respectful treatment you deserve.

This initial assessment determines which products will meet your needs. The fitter may examine your skin to be sure it’s healed, and there are no open wounds or irritation as well.

Often these fittings coincide with breast form fittings. This can be for a partial prosthesis to create symmetry with the remaining natural breast or fittings for a single or double prosthesis.


Once the fitter has an understanding of your individual needs, she next brings in the different options available to you and makes recommendations. Mastectomy bras come in varying styles and contain pockets to hold the breast forms you choose.

Your fitter may show you a selection of leisure bras for use at home or while sleeping; several t-shirt bras, ideal for everyday wear; sports bras suited to your level of exercise intensity; and fashion bras with gorgeous feminine embellishments for special occasions.


As with any bra fitting, you’ll need measurements to determine sizing. Your fitter gently takes these measurements at particular points around the ribs and on the chest wall.

How this differs from other bra fittings is that your fitter understands your body’s shape after breast cancer surgery and treatment. She considers whether you’ve had a single or double mastectomy, lumpectomy, or reconstruction surgery. These surgeries create different effects on the body, and a fitting needs to take these into account.

It’s essential to get the right fit so that if you are wearing breast forms, they will feel as natural as possible, and you can move about easily without worry. Your fitter not only knows about bras but also how breast forms can be worn best.

Bra Selection

Best Bra SelectionFrom here, your fitter will bring you mastectomy bras in your size. She will also provide breast forms to insert into the pockets for you to try on.

Today numerous styles and colors are available. Choose basic and durable, or lacy and feminine. You’re not restricted to one look or style. Choose the ones you like and fit your unique style. Don’t let their prettiness fool you, however, as they also provide the special support needed to keep your breast forms securely in place.

While you will most likely have a robe, you may want to bring with you a favorite smooth shirt or tight-fitted tank top to try on over the new bras. This will allow you to see how it looks in a mirror. If you’re unhappy with the result, tell your fitter. She can find other styles that may be more flattering.

Once you choose a bra and take it home, be sure to care for it by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Most recommend hand washing, but you may also toss some of them in your washing machine and run the gentle cycle. Your fitter will go over these care and maintenance instructions with you before you leave.

Follow-Up Fittings

As time goes by, your body may continue to change. Hormonal changes or weight gain may require a follow-up fitting to ensure you are still wearing the right size mastectomy bra. You may decide to try a new breast form and will need to be sure it fits securely in the right size bra.

Now that you know what to expect from a mastectomy bra fitting, you’re one step closer to comfort and confidence.

Schedule Your Mastectomy Bra Fitting Today

Knowing that all bodies are different, a mastectomy bra fitter can provide you with the experience and knowledge needed to take that next step. Schedule your private fitting today with A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe by calling (954)-978-8287.

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