Finding the right mastectomy bra depends on getting the correct size. Wearing the wrong size won’t offer the support you need, and it won’t be comfortable. Your new post-mastectomy body needs support, and this is only possible with an exact fit. So, before you go bra shopping, take the time to visit a bra fitter. It will save you a lot of time, money, and mistakes.

Embarrassment can be the biggest reason women don’t feel comfortable visiting a fitter, holding them back from getting the professional help they need. Specialist bra fitters are trained and qualified to provide compassionate care and help you feel safe.

Why the Right Fit Matters

Finding the right bra makes a world of difference in how you feel during your recovery. You don’t only need to heal physically. Getting the right bra for your shape can help you feel like yourself again and start the emotional healing process.

Various detrimental effects stem from wearing the wrong size bra. An ill-fitting bra can cause the chest ligaments to weaken over time leading to soreness, pain, stretch marks, and sagging. Breast tissue needs to be adequately supported, especially when performing strenuous activity or recovering from breast reconstruction.

Fit also matters with breast forms and prostheses and determine how they feel and look under your clothes. If your bra is too tight, the prosthesis will be visible, and the bra will be uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, if your bra is too loose, the prosthesis will feel heavy, sag in the bra cup, and may shift throughout the day.

Throughout your mastectomy journey and recovery, you’ll have a better understanding of why support matters. Directly after surgery, regardless of whether you’ve had reconstruction, you’ll need the support of a compression bra or surgical bra to boost blood flow and help speed your recovery for the best results. Without the assistance of these bras, you can experience various health complications, including lymphedema and infection.

An ill-fitting bra can cause unnecessary problems. Seek professional help from the beginning of your post-mastectomy journey and continue being fitted as time passes to ensure you always get the right fit.

Custom Breast Prostheses

Explore Your Options

Being professionally fitted can save you a lot of time, energy, and money and can give you specialized guidance on how to dress for your new shape. Many women establish long-term professional relationships with their fitters, considering them an extension of their health care support system and enjoy visiting them on an on-going basis.

Your fitter helps you explore the different bra options available during your bra fitting, from post-surgical compression bras to ultra-soft leisure bras for recovery to chic, seamless bras for everyday wear.

Breast prostheses can also be selected at a bra fitting. The right bra fitter advises you on the correct kind of prosthesis for you. There are several different prosthesis shapes, including round, triangle, teardrop, symmetrical, and asymmetrical. Prostheses can be made from silicone, silicone gel, or foam, which offer different textures and weights.

Each shape complements a woman’s body differently, and wearing the wrong one can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Teardrop styles work for women who are fuller underneath the nipple, while an asymmetrical breast shape is an excellent choice for women who’ve had radical surgery and lymph node removal.

Find The Perfect Fit

During a fitting, your fitter takes measurements of your chest. They use a measuring tape to measure around your rib cage, just under your breasts, and around the fullest part of your chest. They also use their expertise to cater to your particular needs but considering factors such as scar placement, skin sensitivity, and the contours of your chest wall.

They also observe your form, posture, preexisting prostheses or previous mastectomy bras. A good fitter also checks that you are fully healed, with no open incision wounds or drains, and will not fit you until you are physically ready.

While there are differences between a standard bra fitting and a specialized mastectomy bra fitting, there are also shared underlying principles. Like a standard bra, the band and cup sizes for a mastectomy bra are connected; as the band size decreases, the cup size increases.

Mastectomy bras come in various colors and bra styles to accommodate a range of bust sizes. Whether you need a smaller cup or larger cups, mastectomy bras are available in cup sizes up to DD and beyond. Once you’re healed, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function or comfort. With the advice of a certified fitter, you can get bras that you adore and make you feel great.

Whatever kind of surgery you have undergone, you will benefit from a professional fitting. It’s easy to make mistakes when shopping for bras and breast prostheses. A professional knows how to factor in your specific needs and take all components into account. And this doesn’t only apply to buying your first mastectomy bra; it’s important to have ongoing fittings to ensure you’re always wearing a bra that fits. You should expect to visit a fitter every four to six months during your recovery since time and prosthetics can stretch out a bra.

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Get a Personalized Fitting at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe

When you’re professionally fitted, you’ll find the right bra for your post-mastectomy body, one that enhances your natural shape and offers ample support.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe provides the safe, private environment you’ll need to feel comfortable. Our staff are trained to give accurate guidance and feedback while making the experience enjoyable for you.

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