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“From Radical to Reconstruction”

“From Radical to Reconstruction”

A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast that is worn after a mastectomy and choosing to wear one is a personal decision. A beautiful mastectomy bra and a well-fitting breast prosthesis allow you to regain the natural shape of your breast or compensate for any missing breast tissue. A trained mastectomy fitter can help you find the perfect breast prosthesis and lingerie, so you feel good about your body post-mastectomy.

A certified mastectomy fitter is educated and trained in providing breast prosthesis and other post-mastectomy services. A certified fitter will evaluate your needs and goals to determine the most appropriate prosthesis for your situation, design a treatment plan and arrange follow-up care. They will also process your insurance forms if you have a prescription to help make the process as simple as possible and ease your transition to mastectomy apparel.  

How a certified fitter can help before your mastectomy

Your doctor may recommend you visit a certified fitter before your surgery. This gives you an opportunity to bond with your fitter in a warm and caring environment, ask questions and become familiar with the different types of bras and breast prosthesis available.

Every woman is unique and certified fitters are trained to be compassionate with a wonderful bedside manner so you can rest assured you are in good hands.   

Why are breast prosthesis recommended?

Breast prothesis are recommended for more than aesthetics and symmetry. They can be weighted similar to natural breasts which helps you to keep your balance. Some women can experience one shoulder dropping down post-mastectomy surgery so the added weight can help prevent future back, neck, and shoulder problems.

When can I begin wearing breast prothesis?

Although a non-weighted breast form can be worn immediately after surgery, doctors typically recommend waiting for four to eight weeks post-surgery to allow for the removal of drains, a reduction in swelling and healing of surgical scars before being fitted. Once the entire area is healed, and your doctor releases you to wear a prosthesis and bras your certified fitter will measure you to find the perfect fit and discuss your options.

Finding the perfect fit

Measurements will be taken across your chest, rib cage, and shoulders to determine the proper breast prosthesis for you. Your fitter will also evaluate the surgical areas for scarring, sensitivity and pressure marks to help determine the appropriate breast form and bra for the specific stage of your recovery.

Based on your measurements, remaining breast tissue, and your lifestyle your certified fitter will recommend options to try to check for weight and shape to fit pockets sewn into mastectomy bras.

Different styles of breast prosthesis

Breast prostheses are available as either a partial or whole breast and can be bought as a pair or individually. They come in oval, teardrop, and triangular shapes to fit your specific body shape and lifestyle. Your fitter can help you decide which breast form is best for your body type.

Breast prostheses are made from different materials including fiberfill forms and foam which are lightweight and perfect for leisure and sports. Foam or fiberfill forms are an excellent option for women who have sensitive skin as they recover from surgery.

Silicone prosthesis are a popular choice for many women because they have a realistic weight and feel of natural breasts.

Many breast prostheses come with a soft fabric backing to sit against your skin, while others have an adhesive section that attaches to your chest making it feel more secure.

The American Breast Care custom-made prosthesis is also a popular choice for many women because it affords a perfect fit. Using 3D technology, it is designed to match your skin tone, and can even include a realistic nipple.

A certified fitter is your partner in your recovery journey and is committed to helping you be your best self. For quality post-mastectomy breast forms, bras, swimsuits, and more call us today.

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