For breast cancer survivors who choose to forgo breast reconstruction surgery, wearing breast forms is a wonderful alternative to help regain your confidence and shape. To get the most out of your breast prosthesis and ensure they remain secure throughout the day, it is best to wear them with a well-fitted mastectomy bra.

Post-mastectomy bras come in a wide range of types, sizes, and styles to suit your needs. We have curated a selection of our favorite mastectomy bras for 2020 so you can feel comfortable, confident, and feminine.

Best Post-Surgery Bra

Best Post-Surgery Bra

Following all types of breast surgeries, doctors recommend that mastectomy patients wear a post-surgical bra to help maximize comfort during recovery and facilitate drain management and wound care.

The Marena Caress Pocketed Bra is constructed from TriFlex™ stretch lycra that offers gentle compression to promote blood flow and comes with FlexFit™ cups that are adjustable between two sizes to allow for fluctuations in breast volume as swelling subsides, or to accommodate lightweight foam breast forms.

The bra also comes with a discreet drain tube pouch with side tube opening for easy drain management, and over-the-shoulder adjustable hook-and-eye straps, and a front closure for easy dressing.

Best Compression Bra

For women who had a double mastectomy, lumpectomy, or breast reconstruction, you need a post-surgical bra that provides firm compression to reduce the likelihood of postoperative compilations such as lymphedema.

The Anita Initial Post Operative Compression Bra is made from breathable, moisture-wicking material that helps to regulate your body temperature. The microfiber provides firm, strategic compression in key areas around the chest and underarms to enhance the flow of lymph fluid and blood to prevent infection and promote healing.

Wide straps and a front closure enables you to dress easily without straining your arms, shoulders, and chest, which may be tender or less mobile after surgery.

Best Sports Bra

Exercising after a mastectomy is a great way to transition back to your old lifestyle and can help with your recovery process. But to protect your delicate chest area, you need a mastectomy sports bra that offers you optimal comfort while you work out.

For one of the best sports bras on the market, you try the Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra. It provides full-coverage tri-section cups to minimize breast bounce, and ergonomic, tailored straps that won’t slip down your shoulders.

The breathable high-performance fabric incorporates terry cloth pockets at the sides for better sweat management, and mesh panels allow for outstanding temperature regulation.

Best Leisure Bra

After undergoing any types of breast cancer surgery, your primary focus should be on healing your body. Leisure bras are designed for sleep, lounging, and gentle exercise. They are ideal for daily wear and are made using the softest materials with convenient features to help you go about your day with ease.

The Amoena Frances Leisure Bra is constructed from a stretch fabric with a high cotton content and features soft cotton pockets in the bra cups to hold lightweight foam breast forms.

The non-adjustable straps flow into a wide smoothing back and side panel, and the bra fastens from the front to allow for easy dressing if you are still experiencing limited mobility after your surgery.

The bras come in a range of beautiful colors and whimsical prints to suit your personal style and are available in sizes 28A – 50DDD.

Best Seamless Bra

Perfect for creating a smooth silhouette, even under tight-fitting garments, a seamless bra should be a part of every woman’s post-mastectomy wardrobe. A seamless bra offers excellent support and lets you wear your favorite outfits with confidence, while still offering maximum comfort for sensitive surgical areas.

Soft, wide straps and ribbed panels give the ABC Comfy Classic Seamless Bra exceptional wire-free support, while molded cups with removable foam inserts enhance your natural curves. The hook-and-eye closure at the back is padded for comfort and discreetly hides your bra under your clothes.

Best Seamless Bra

Best Wire-Free Bra

Wire-free bras provide outstanding support without the risk of underwires digging into sensitive surgical scars. The ABC Princess Lace Mastectomy Bra is the perfect example of beauty, comfort, and functionality with stunning black lace overlaid on nude microfiber cups.

The Princess bra offers soft, molded cups that are lightly padded with fiberfill to lift and separate your breast to give you the best shape. Stylish chain lace adjustable straps provide additional support to the wide underbust band to securely hold breast forms and help you to find the right fit for your body.

Best Underwire Bra

Although underwire bras are not recommended for up to 12 months following a mastectomy, they offer unparalleled support for breast forms and remaining breast tissue. When your doctor gives you permission to start wearing underwire bras again, the Amoena Karolina Bra is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Featuring a stunning fan optic lace and a striped lower cup, the three-part cup design comes with sewn-in microfiber pockets for breast forms. Larger cups sizes are double lined with a contrasting overlay for added comfort and subtle style detail. The wires are padded and hook-and-eye closures have a soft seal that feels smooth on your skin.

Best Camisole Bra

Radical mastectomy surgery can leave women feeling self-conscious about their bodies and scars. A camisole bra offers additional coverage for all types of surgical scarring and the extra panel can help to hold breast forms more securely.

The Trulife Jessica Cami Style Bra features gorgeous black lace central panels to accent the satin finish fabric of the bra. The seamed soft cup design offers amazing support and features COOLMAX® pockets to accommodate breast forms and help to control temperature fluctuations.

Trulife Jessica Cami Style Bra

How to Find the Right Post Mastectomy Bra for You

Buying post-mastectomy bras can be challenging as your body may not have the same shape or proportions as it did before surgery. While you can look at brand sizing charts and take measurements at home, the best way to find the ideal mastectomy bra for your body is with a professional fitting.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe offers personalized bra fittings with BOC certified fitters who can assess your post-surgery body, take accurate measurements and help you to try on a full range of different bra styles until you find the perfect fit.

Call our friendly staff at (954) 978-8287 to book your consultation, and check out our blog series to learn more about the fittings and how mastectomy products can help you to enjoy your life to the fullest after surgery.

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