Swimming is a gentle yet highly beneficial exercise that may be an option after breast surgery. Post-mastectomy swimwear has been designed specifically for women who have undergone breast surgery and who require extra support and care while swimming.

Swimming After Breast Surgery

Swimming after breast surgery is an excellent way to exercise all of your stagnant muscles and prevent atrophy. While the average time varies from woman to woman, you will want to wait until you get the okay from your doctor to begin light to moderate exercise.

Swimming is typically one of the first activities a doctor will endorse after breast surgery, simply because it is so gentle yet effective.

Try on Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

It is important to feel comfortable both physically and emotionally in your new bathing suit. Trying on swimsuits before you buy ensures that you feel comfortable and confident. Schedule your shopping on a day when you have energy and feel well-rested.

Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

Best Types of Mastectomy Swimsuits

The best types of mastectomy swimsuits are ones that not only support you and any prosthesis you might decide to wear, but also make you feel beautiful and feminine.

Post-surgery swimsuits with soft cups are ideal as they are less likely to irritate those sensitive areas on your skin. You may run into some challenges in finding the right suit for you, but there are several options available that provide style, comfort, and support.

Clasps and Closures on Your Swimwear

As with post-mastectomy undergarments, accessibility is just as important as style and comfort. You may have a more limited range of movement after your surgery, and finding a swimsuit with front closures or clasps may help to eliminate any stress involved with your activities.

Swimwear Fabrics and Patterns

Depending on your own personal style, choosing swimwear with bright patterns or bold prints may give you an extra boost of confidence. In addition, it may draw attention away from your most vulnerable areas.

Choosing a suit with a fabric that is suitable for your skin and chlorine resistant is important. This ensures you are comfortable and won’t experience irritation during your swim. Post-mastectomy swimwear made with lycra is ideal because it is breathable and easy to move around in.

Choosing a Breast Prosthesis for Swimming

Whether you enjoy swimming for exercise or just like to lounge by the pool, there is a large selection of breast forms designed specifically for swimming. This means they are resistant to damage by repeated exposure to water, chemicals, and salt.

When choosing a breast prosthesis for swimming, consider what style and size will make you feel most comfortable. Some brands size their forms according to breast cup size, while others have small, medium, and large sizes.

Breast Prosthesis for Swimming

How Mastectomy Swimwear Is Created

Mastectomy swimwear is created specifically for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery, including the removal of one or both breasts. It is designed to help you achieve your feminine, beautiful look after the surgery.

Ideally, they will have wide straps and a high neckline to conceal scarring from the surgery. A fabric that protects your skin from UV rays is important as well.

Some swimwear will have pockets for prosthesis, if you choose to wear them, woven into a soft material cup to protect your skin from irritation. If you prefer a slimming look, you may opt for tummy control or slimming style. All of these are possible features of mastectomy swimwear available to you.

Tummy Control and Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps allow you to achieve your desired level of comfort on any given day. Some days you may feel you need more support than others.

Tummy control can help to slim your figure and boost your silhouette. It is possible to find a suit with as many features as you want or need, you just have to spend a little time finding the right suit for you.

Chlorine Resistant Fabric

Chlorine resistant fabric extends the life of your swimsuit. Refer to the care directions either on the packaging or on the retailer’s website so you know how to properly care for your suit post-swim.

Design Choices

When shopping for a mastectomy swimsuit, you will have several designs to choose from. Whether you want smaller armholes for more coverage, a higher neckline, tummy control, or large vibrant prints, there is a swimsuit available for every woman after a mastectomy.

Final Thoughts

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