Curating your summer wardrobe post-mastectomy doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ve put together a short guide for Post-Mastectomy Patients you can follow when purchasing your post-mastectomy basics for the summer season.

Invest in great bras and breast forms

Finding the right bra and breast forms are the two most important steps in creating your new post-surgery summer wardrobe. When choosing mastectomy bras and breast prosthesis, consider your body shape, comfort, and favorite summer activities.

Picking a lightweight bra such as the Amoena Frances Leisure Bra which is made with high cotton content and features soft cotton pockets to help you stay comfortable in the summer heat.

Or, opt for camisole styles such as the ABC Kalena Mastectomy Camisole with a built-in shelf bra, smooth fit, and chic, adjustable double straps that can hold your prosthesis and doesn’t require a bra.

If you plan on spending your summer in or close to the water, consider purchasing specially designed swim forms.

bras and breast forms

Most swim forms are chlorine and saltwater resistant, ensure breathability, adhere to the chest without adhesives, and feature a ribbed backing so water easily runs off the forms. These forms can also be worn during other sports activities to help manage perspiration and provide a lightweight option to reduce strain in the chest wall.

Choose fabrics wisely

Quality fabrics are extremely important, as they support your post-op healing process by maximizing your comfort while you recover.

Look for fabrics like cotton, jersey, or microfiber – they are soft to the touch and won’t cling to your body, providing sensitive areas enough air to breathe.

You should also look for apparel that features high-performance moisture-wicking fabrics to help regulate your body temperature which can sometimes fluctuate post-surgery.

Find a mastectomy swimsuit

Mastectomy Swimwear

Swimming is a great summer activity that you don’t have to give up on after a mastectomy. There are plenty of mastectomy swimsuit and swimdress styles such as the Jodee Mastectomy Swimdress which can a flirty thigh-skimming skirt and slimming tummy panel to give you control and confidence in the water.

Purchasing a swimsuit specifically made for mastectomy patients ensures the piece will complement your new body and protect your scar tissue, effectively boosting your confidence.

Many women prefer swimsuits with higher necklines that sit just below the collar bone since they can cover virtually all surgery scars and the appearance of breast forms. But there are just as many options that offer a deeper neckline, without compromising support.

Look for post mastectomy swimwear that features bilateral pockets for securely housing swim forms, and wide, adjustable straps for better comfort.

Keep an open mind

Your favorite pieces from the last summer season likely won’t fit in the same way, and many could feel uncomfortable in the sensitive surgical area. Breast cancer patients can create a wardrobe full of colorful mastectomy fashions that make them feel beautiful and feminine.

When trying on new styles, don’t limit yourself. Try on all the different sleeve lengths, bodice cuts, necklines, and skirt or dress lengths. This can help you identify styles that complement your new shape and make shopping much easier in the future.

Consider starting out with tunic or wrap styles such as the Radiant Wrap Designer Gown which is made from soft, silky feeling polyester and is available in a huge range of vibrant colors and patterns to suit your style.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe can help

Finding summer clothing after a single or double mastectomy can be a difficult task for every woman navigating the post-op world. That’s why the team at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe is here to offer personalized and professional post-mastectomy fitting services to help you find amazing pieces that restore your confidence.

Give us a call on (954) 978-8287 to book your session with a certified fitter and find out more about our range of bras, breast forms, and swimsuits made specifically for the summer season.

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