Bathing suits for mastectomy patients

Owning the right mastectomy swimsuit can give you the confidence boost you need to get back into your favorite summertime activities, from swimming to sunbathing to every sun-soaked pastime in between.

At A Fitting Experience, we work with a huge range of top-quality brand bathing suits for mastectomy patients and offer an impressive variety of choices.

Suits to suit you

At A Fitting Experience, we believe that finding the right post mastectomy bathing suit shouldn’t have to be a difficult or stressful event.

We know our clients are looking to feel as confident and comfortable as they can after breast surgery, but also don’t want to select a suit that doesn’t conform to their style because they feel like they have no other choice.

A mastectomy bathing suit shouldn’t be a compromise. It should afford style and comfort and leave you feeling carefree on the beach this summer.

Specialty features

Bathing suits for mastectomy patients should provide high-quality, lasting comfort in every aspect of their design.

This includes everything from the material to its strategic construction. At A Fitting Experience, we work with design features like adjustable necklines and ruching that allow you to vary your coverage to suit your needs.

Many of our swimwear pieces also feature adjustable armbands, so you can adjust the amount of support you need depending on your swim prostheses preference.

Higher arm coverage and underbust bands are seamlessly incorporated into the design of your swimsuit for complete discretion so no one needs to know you are wearing a mastectomy swimsuit but you!

Specialty Brands

We work with only the best in the business, providing choices from top-tier mastectomy brands like Amoena, Penbrooke, Jodee, Anita, and Luisa Luisa.

Our brands develop their swimwear in a variety of flattering styles, colors, and prints, allowing you to choose a swimsuit based on your tastes rather than just necessity.

At our online store,, we believe in helping women find clothing and swimwear that makes them feel like their beautiful, confident self.



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