If you are considering a breast augmentation, one of the questions you may have is whether you need to wear a bra afterward. While plastic surgery is designed to give your breasts a more youthful appearance, your body still needs the support that only a bra can provide. Here are several reasons why you should wear a bra after breast augmentation surgery.

Post Surgical Bra

Wear a Post Surgical Bra to Prevent Lymphedema

Before undergoing a breast augmentation, your plastic surgeon will recommend that you purchase a post-surgical compression bra. A compression bra is necessary to prevent lymphedema which can potentially cause several health complications including an increased risk of infection.

Compression bras use high-performance fabrics to create gentle pressure in strategic areas around the chest and under the arms. This helps to massage the lymph vessels to move lymph fluid away from the wound site and prevent excess swelling.

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Avoid Implant Dislocation

Without a bra, you are at risk of your implants shifting down or sliding to the side – this is known as breast implant dislocation. You should wear a compression bra for at least the first month after your surgery but it can take up to eight weeks before your implants settle into their final size and shape.

Opt for a style that has a front closure for easy dressing and an optional compression belt that sits over the top of your chest to prevent implants from migrating upwards. Wear your compression bra as often as possible while still following your plastic surgeon’s instructions for post-surgery care such as massage and gentle exercise.

Aid the Healing Process

As every woman’s body is unique, healing times vary from person to person. However, plastic surgeons suggest that it can take from between 6-8 weeks until you fully recover from breast augmentation surgery. Post-surgical bras can help to speed up the healing process by using compression technology to improve blood flow.

Increased blood flow to the surgical site floods the area with nutrients which enhances cell renewal and repairs the tissue around your implants.

Reduce Bounce While Exercising

Once your body has healed, it is safe to resume your regular activities and exercise routine. However, it is just as important to wear a sports bra with breast implants as it is with natural breasts to prevent excessive bounce while exercising.

Bounce can cause the skin around your breast implants to stretch and your breast tissue to weaken. This can lead to premature sagging and implant dislocation. Sports bras offer supportive features such as ergonomic straps, wide bands and high-performance stretch fabrics to reduce bounce and protect your breast during your workout.

Schedule a Professional Fitting to Find the Right Bra For You

To find the right compression bra for your body you need to visit a qualified and certified professional bra fitter. Schedule your bra fitting prior to your surgery so you can begin wearing your recovery bra immediately after your surgery.

For sports bras and everyday bras, book a second appointment approximately eight weeks after your surgery so your fitter can take the most accurate measurements to the perfect fitting bra for your body.

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Final Thoughts

While your breasts will be firmer and sit higher after a breast augmentation, it is still recommended that you wear a bra after surgery to prevent a gradual shift in your implants over time. Avoid wearing underwire bras for at least 8 weeks after your surgery to avoid irritating sutures and scar tissue.

To find out about the range of compression and sports bras we have available, please call A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe at (954)-568-8904 to schedule an appointment for a professional fitting with a certified fitter.

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