Exercise is an important part of any post-surgical recovery program and a great way to build your confidence after mastectomy surgery. But it is essential to wear a post mastectomy sports bra to protect and support your body when you workout.

Whether you are a professional athlete in recovery or a breast cancer survivor ready to restart your exercise routine, a high quality sports bra gives you comfort and support you need.

Post Mastectomy Sports Bra

Why Do I Need a Post Mastectomy Sports Bra?

Post mastectomy sports bras offer thoughtful features that reduce discomfort when exercising including multidirectional stretch knit fabric, ergonomic design and high-performance moisture wicking fabric.

These features also make post mastectomy bras suitable for women who have had reconstructive surgery after a single or double mastectomy to hold implants in place by providing light compression.

When you train it is comfortable to wear a sports bra rather than a standard bra as they reduce painful breast bounce and help you to manage perspiration. They also facilitate a greater range of movement allowing you to perform your best and achieve greater results from your workout.

What to Look for in a Post Mastectomy Sports Bra

Pocketed Cups

For women who have not had a breast reconstruction after surgery, breast forms offer a suitable alternative to enhance your shape and provide balance to your body. Pocketed cups provide a space to securely hold lightweight breast forms ensuring they don’t slip or shift even during vigorous activity.

Adjustable Straps

Bra straps provide secondary support for breast tissue and prostheses to decrease breast bounce but they need to be at the right length and in the correct position to avoid digging into your shoulders and putting strain on your neck. Adjustable straps let you change the length of your sports bras straps so you can achieve the most comfortable fit possible.

Moisture Wicking Fabric

Training hard means breaking a sweat, but for many mastectomy patients perspiration can irritate sensitive skin around the surgical site and steep increases in body temperature can cause extreme discomfort. Moisture wicking fabric and features like mesh panels, draw perspiration away from your skin and boost air flow for a more comfortable workout.

Ergonomic Design

Sports bras are designed to help you move better in greater comfort so they feature ergonomic design elements that support your body and minimize discomfort. You can find sports bras with padded straps to distribute weight evenly across your back and racerback designs that prevent your straps from slipping.

Wide underbust and side panels not only provide coverage for surgical scars but they also provide most of the support for your bust.

Easy Closures

It’s challenging to find a sports bra that is easy to get on and take off post-workout. Look for post mastectomy sports bras that feature a front closure. This not only facilitates easier dressing but can also help to promote better posture.

Mastectomy Sports Bras

When Should I Wear My Sports Bra?

In addition to wearing a sports bra every time you workout, the comfortable features make it an ideal garment for use in other situations. Wear your sports bras after breast cancer surgery to provide light compression and reduce the risk of lymphedema.

The Anita Extreme Control Bra has a 3-part cup design and smooth stretch knit fabric that puts gentle pressure on surgical sites to promote blood flow.

Sports bras are also a great option for wearing around the house or as an everyday t-shirt bra. The Coobie Fusion Yoga Bra has a seamless design and an extra wide underbust band that provides ample coverage and lies discreetly under tight fitting garments.

In Sum

Post mastectomy sports bras are designed to help you feel and perform your best when working out. The intelligent features including moisture wicking fabric, ergonomic design, and pocketed cups ensure that you feel secure, comfortable and confident whichever activity you enjoy.

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