Regardless of your type of breast cancer, customized Anita sports bras can help you move with increased freedom and confidence. Whether you’ve had a lumpectomy, mastectomy, or breast reconstruction, breast surgery bra can give you the specialized support you need to move for your health, joy, and pleasure.

Here are five reasons why a specialized sports bra can help you in your post-surgery workout.

1. Comfort

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and quite literally supported during their workout. Extra material or poor support can make the whole experience less enjoyable.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe provides a variety of support strength options, as well as a range of sizes. Anita sports bras, Amoena bras, and Jodee bras are all excellent choices for mastectomy and lumpectomy breast cancer survivors.

Yoga Bra

You are a fighter, and that’s all the more reason to treat yourself to a soft, comfortable bra that helps you move with ease.

2. Confidence

Feeling comfortable helps you feel confident. Anita sports bras are not only comfortable against your chest wall, but they’re also sleek and stylish. They come in many options, from a simple, classy black, to front closure.

Wearing a bra that not only fits you but that you also enjoy helps you feel at home in whatever exercise or workout scene you choose. Everyday life can sometimes feel like a series of huge tasks post-surgery, and the little details of your daily experience can be jarring or even a little traumatic.

With that in mind, it’s often helpful to be able to take control of what you can control. Is your favorite yoga studio formal and stylish? Maybe a classy, yoga-specific sports bra will help you feel like you fit in. Conversely, a cute, comfortable bra peeking out from behind tank top straps at the gym can help you feel like you’re a part of that scene again.

3. Chest health

An ill-fitting, unspecialized bra cannot only feel awkward or make your movements feel ungainly, but it can also chafe, rub, or inadequately support any breast tissue. Chafing, in particular, can lead to scrapes or cuts, which in turn can lead to infections.

4. Specialty activities

Maybe your favorite activity is yoga, or perhaps you love crushing heavy lifts. It’s important to be able to explore what you enjoy most and take pleasure from movement.

However, yoga, running, weight-lifting, and other popular activities like tennis or spinning all have a different impact level. Yoga tends to be fairly low-impact, while tennis and running are a little more high-impact.

Nearly Me Sports Bra

When you’re thinking about comfort and chest tissue health, your preferred activity or activities’ impact level is important to consider. Even if you have very little breast or chest tissue, this can still factor into your comfort. Adjustable straps can help with these types of activities and provide you with great comfort.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe provides a wide range of post-surgical bra options for a number of activities, from yoga to running, from weight-lifting to competitive sports to give you the feeling of extreme control over your workout.

5. Discretion

Nobody inherently deserves to feel uncomfortable in their body, to feel stared at, or to feel judged. Your body has been through and fought a lot, and it’s something to be proud of. You don’t need a bra to feel good about yourself.

It’s totally within reason to want to wear a bra to conceal, for example, a mastectomy or double mastectomy. You can choose what you show to the world and what you don’t. Ultimately, making your own decisions about how you present yourself to the world is one of the biggest factors in personal health, comfort, and confidence.

Your bras should be able to hold any custom breast forms in your skin tone you have. This will give you natural-looking breasts and help you feel more discreet. Whether you decide to have surgical breast reconstruction or use prostheses it is important you feel confident.


Regardless of your post-surgery needs and wants, A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe can provide with you a range of services, from custom fit breast prostheses to free consultations, from fabulous post-surgical sports bras to cute mastectomy swimwear.

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