Having lingerie that makes you feel comfortable as well as confident is an integral part of many women’s identities. It can be difficult, however, to adjust to a new style of lingerie after undergoing breast cancer surgery such as a mastectomy or a lumpectomy, given the number of moving parts necessary to create a supportive environment after the surgery and beyond.Amoena bras are the solution to this problem.

Their bras not only allow you to feel sexy and graceful in lingerie after your surgery and treatment but also come with special features well equipped to assist and support you.

1. Shoulder straps

5 Special Features of Amoena Bras

It’s important for any post-surgery bras to support any breast prosthesis without putting strain on the shoulders. Many bras from Amoena have wider straps that are also padded to maximize the amount of comfort and support the wearer feels.

These straps are also adjustable and should not feel too loose on the body. This is especially true of a post-mastectomy bra because of the many duties these particular bras must perform, including housing pockets, breast forms, drainage pouches, and other accessories as well. The shoulder straps of Amoena bras allow for the most possible comfort.

2. Pockets

Unless specifically noted in the product description, all the bras sold by Amoena are equipped with multi-option, discreet pockets. These soft cup pockets are specially designed to hold your breast form in place securely, leaving you free to go about your day without worrying about your breast forms slipping out or showing out of the top of the cup.

These pockets are made from ultrafine fabric that is perfectly shaped to fit into the bra cup, which provides additional peace of mind. The multi-option design allows more choice when deciding which forms to use.

There’s an Amoena bra for all women, whether you need a left, right, bilateral, or non-pocketed bra option.

3. Cups

The cups of Amoena mastectomy bras are cut specially to closely mimic and follow the shape of a breast form to ensure a perfect fit. The elastic edges of the cups are designed to provide extra security and flexibility.

Amoena bras are available in multiple cup styles, some padded, some wired, some not, in the hope that they can accommodate whatever lifestyle you were accustomed to before your surgery and help you get back to that point without worrying about what you’re wearing underneath your clothes.

4. Wider underband

A wide underband is an excellent choice to increase support and stability, as well as comfort for long-term use.

Many Amoena bras come with this wide underband design, which is ideal for a mastectomy bra as there is more equipment for the band to support than with a bra not specifically designed for people who have undergone breast surgery.

Variable fastening is also an important factor in the size of the underband. Depending on the size of the underband, one to four hooks are available in certain Amoena bra designs to create even more opportunities for support, comfort, and versatility through the recovery process.

5. Gentle underwiring

Gentle underwiring

After a certain amount of time since your surgery, your doctor and other healthcare professionals may give you the go-ahead to start wearing underwire bras again. Amoena has you covered with both wired and non-wired styles. The flex-comfort underwires are intended to follow the curves of your breast form and provide the gentle support needed to keep you secure without putting pressure on any scar areas or breast forms.

These wires also increase stability and reduce any strain in the shoulder area that might have been caused by a similar bra without underwiring.

Final thoughts

Amoena bras have an option for everyone: Whether you’re looking for something wired or non-wired, sexy or more modest, pocketed or not pocketed, and customizable to your needs and lifestyle, Amoena is the perfect solution. Check our site often for offers that are tailored to your needs. We frequently run sales and special offers so you can expand your post-mastectomy wardrobe.

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