One thing that many women do not expect after a mastectomy is how much their body will change. Clothes no longer fit the way they used to and simple movements can cause major discomfort. The right post-mastectomy bra can help you rediscover your body and support you during your recovery. Here are five types of post-mastectomy bras to add to your wardrobe.

Mastectomy Bra

1.Compression Bra

Your doctor will recommend that you wear a compression bra for approximately 4-6 weeks after mastectomy, lumpectomy or lymph node removal surgery to minimize swelling and reduce the risk of developing lymphedema. If you have had a breast reconstruction immediately after breast cancer surgery, you should also wear a compression bra to prevent implant dislocation and speed up the healing process.

Compression bras work by using stretch fabric panels to apply pressure to strategic areas around the chest wall and arms to massage lymph and blood vessels and improve circulation.

2.Leisure Bra

No matter what type of mastectomy surgery you have undergone, it is vital to rest so you can recover and get back to your life sooner. A leisure bra is specially designed to offer you the best comfort possible during your recovery by using soft, breathable fabrics that are gentle on your skin to keep you cool and dry. Many styles also offer features such as front closures for easy dressing and drain management systems which allow you to easily empty and change post-surgical drains.

Leisure Bra

3.Seamless Bra

Post-surgery radiation and chemotherapy can leave burns and increase the sensitivity of your skin which can make wearing regular bras uncomfortable. A seamless non-wired bra is the ideal post-mastectomy bra for everyday wear as the seamless construction avoids irritating surgical scars and sensitive skin. Seamless bras also come with molded cups which can help to enhance your shape, and interior pockets for holding a breast prosthesis should you choose to wear one.

4.Longline Bra

If your need added support after surgery, then a longline bra may be the choice for you. The bra bands are responsible for providing the main source of support in a bra, and longline bras use extended stretch panels that reach from the base of the bra cup to your natural waist to give you the best support available. The panels are constructed from high-performance stretch fabrics without boning or wires to minimize irritation and keep you comfortable all day long.

custom breast forms

5.Sports Bra

Gentle to moderate exercise can help to speed up your recovery and boost your confidence but you need to wear the right bra to prevent breast bounce. This is especially important for women who have had breast-conserving surgery or breast reconstruction.

Bounce can weaken chest muscles, connective tissue, and skin elasticity which cause sagging. Sports bras are specially designed to lift, separate and gently compress breasts to minimize bounce which not only protects your breasts and breast forms but also improves your posture and reduces your risk of neck and back pain.

The Wrap Up

If you are planning to wear breast prostheses after surgery and want to find the right mastectomy bra to wear them with, talk to the staff at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe on (954)-568-8904. We can help you choose the right style for your body and speak with your insurance company on your behalf to determine whether you can claim your post-mastectomy products through your health insurance plan.

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