Custom Fit Bra Sizes

Bras are an item of clothing that is as personal and as unique as the woman wearing it. Most women have a different bra for every occasion: one for the gym, one for work, and one for going out. A custom-built bra is a luxury for any woman but if you have undergone a breast reconstruction or mastectomy, a mastectomy bras that is specifically tailored to your body is less an extravagance and more necessity.

At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, we have mastectomy fashion products available for every body type as well as the ability to custom fit bra sizes and breast forms in our South Florida store with the respect women need to support their healing process. Our caring staff is knowledgeable, giving each customer the personalized help they need while making customer responsibilities easy.

Perma-Form Bras

Jodee Post-Mastectomy Fashions offer a wide selection of bras that are lightweight and breathable. They are easy to wear as a form of polyurethane foam is permanently sewn into the cups of the bra type of your choosing. They each contain a weighted core to assist you with keeping your balance but are still lighter than silicone.

Even on the hot and humid days, Jodee perma-form bras are cooler and more comfortable than any other bra on the market. They are available in many styles including seamless cups, front hook, and full coverage bras. If you have additional concerns around arthritis or manual dexterity, Jodee has taken that into consideration by making them easy to put on and wear.

Mastectomy Bras

A regular bra is a masterpiece of engineering and that precision construction is taken to the next level with a mastectomy bra. By blending soft cotton with stretch fabric and using hidden stitches and seams, the mastectomy bras available at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe are the ultimate in comfort.

These are great everyday bras with seamless pockets, straps with full adjustment, and closures available in the front or the back. Many designs offer soft, removable cups that are padded and molded so you can customize a style to suit your needs.

Sports Bras

Sports Mastectomy Bras

Most doctors will tell you that paying attention to your health with exercise is an important aspect of breast surgery recovery. While post-surgical bras are fundamental in supporting the body during the recovery process, a sports bra can help you get mentally prepared to face the world post surgery while supporting you in your journey toward health and wellness.

The collection of sports mastectomy bras at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe is as diverse as the women shopping for them. When shopping for a sports bra after a mastectomy or lumpectomy, you’ll want to find one that’s versatile enough to work with your breast forms while also being comfortable enough for you to wear during your workout.

Look for moisture wicking high-performance fabric, an ergonomic back and structured cups to prevent breast bounce.

Leisure Bras

Perfect for relaxing at home, low impact exercise, or even sleeping, these ultra soft bras are recommended for use immediately after surgery for better comfort as you recover.

Often featuring front closures for easier dressing and a seamless construction to avoid irritating surgical scars, a selection of leisure bras is a must have for your post-mastectomy wardrobe.

Post Surgical Bras

Following your mastectomy surgery, doctors recommend that you wear a post-surgical compression bra after breast cancer surgery to manage swelling and reduce the risk of lymphedema. A post-surgical bra applies gentle pressure to strategic areas around the chest wall to boost blood flow.

You can also customize your post-surgical bra with the addition of a compression belt and drainage pouches to tube management and easier wound care. The Marena Caress Pocketed Surgical Bra comes with the option to include a discreet bulb management pouch with attachment rings to support the drain band and minimize discomfort due to movement.

The Takeaway

While some women may opt for made-to-order mastectomy bras, the added expense is beyond most budgets. A well-fitted mastectomy bra with adjustable features such as straps and closures can help you achieve the most comfortable fit.

To schedule your professional bra fitting, breast form or mastectomy swimwear please contact us (954) 978-8287.

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