Following full or partial breast surgery, many women find that their regular bras no longer fit or offer the level of support they need. A mastectomy bra is specifically designed to be both comfortable and stylish and offers features to accommodate breast forms and improve the healing process. Here are some questions to consider when buying your first mastectomy bra.

Mastectomy Bra

What type of bra should I choose?

After a mastectomy, it can take up to a year before your body fully heals depending on your immune system and any potential health complications that may have arisen during your cancer treatment.

During this time, it is vital that you have the right support to help you heal. A post-surgical bra with compression technology can help boost blood flow and enhance lymphatic drainage away from the surgical site to prevent infection and speed up your recovery.

The Anita Post-Operative Compression Bra provides gentle compression in strategic areas on your chest wall and underarms to aid healing. It also features over the shoulder Velcro straps and dual zippered and hook-and-eye closures at the front which allows for easy dressing and wound care for breast cancer patients with limited mobility after surgery.

Once you longer need to wear a compression bra, a soft leisure bra can provide the comfort you need to relax and recuperate. A leisure bra can also be worn while sleeping and during light exercise. The Amoena Hannah Wire-Free Bra is a great option for recovery at-home with lightly padded, non-restrictive stretch fabric and an optional drainage tube pouch.

How can I find the right mastectomy bra for my body?

Many women wear the wrong size bra which can cause a host of health issues. For breast cancer survivors, the wrong bra can dig in the sensitive surgical sites, prevent adequate circulation, and may not offer the right level of support for your body or breast forms.

To find the perfect fit for your first mastectomy bra, visit a BOC certified fitter at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe for a personalized, professional fitting.

During the session, the fitter examines the skin around your wound site and gauges the shape and slope of your remaining breast tissue to find a breast form that provides the symmetry you need. They then take precise measurements to find the correct band and cup size to fit your body.

If you have had a double mastectomy, you have a wider range of options for shape and cup size to choose from. Your fitter can help you to choose a pair of breast prosthesis that are proportionate to your body to give you a balanced silhouette.

How to wear my first mastectomy bra?

When wearing mastectomy bras for the first time, it is important to ensure the right fit. The band of our bra provides the majority of the support so it should feel snug against your skin on the last hook without digging in.

The cups should be separate, with the center of the bra fitting flat against the chest wall, and any remaining breast tissue and breast forms should completely fill the cup without spilling over.

Look for bras with wide straps and position them in the center of your shoulders to evenly distribute the weight.

Can I wear a breast prosthesis?

Mastectomy bras are created to be worn with breast forms as they feature interior pockets to securely hold your prosthesis. If you have elected to forgo a breast reconstruction immediately after your mastectomy, a breast form can be a great way to smoothly transition back to your old life and provide a better fit and comfort when wearing your clothes.

There are various types of breast forms you can wear with mastectomy bras. The most common and popular style is a silicone prosthesis which is designed to imitate the weight and shape of your natural breasts. However, it is not recommended that you wear a weighted prosthesis for at least eight weeks after surgery or until your doctor gives you permission to do so.

Wearing a breast prosthesis made from ultra-lightweight foam or fiberfill can be a suitable alternative to silicone. They can also be worn immediately after a mastectomy inside a post-surgery bra as soon as the incision has healed.

The takeaway

Get the right support during your post-surgical recovery with a properly fitted mastectomy bra. The team at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe is here to help you find a comfortable and chic bra that offers supportive features to suit your needs.

Call us today at (954) 978-8287 to book your professional fitting. You can also browse our blog series to find out more about the types of mastectomy bras we offer and how they can help restore your confidence and silhouette.

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