Following breast cancer surgery, it takes time to adjust to your new body. Whether you have gone through a full or partial mastectomy or lumpectomy, you may have decided to wear custom breast prostheses as a way to restore your previous appearance and provide a way for you to embark on your journey of physical and emotional recovery.

Custom breast forms are a great choice to wear either permanently or while awaiting breast reconstruction surgery. They provide comfort and a more natural breast look and feel, which can help boost your self-confidence during this challenging time.

Custom Breast Prostheses

Custom breast forms are typically made from medical-grade silicone and are built to last. Caring for your custom silicone breast forms is essential to prolong their life and maintain their shape and performance.

Essential Ways to Care for Your Custom Breast Form

Wear a Mastectomy Bra

Always secure your custom breast forms in the pockets of a mastectomy bra. The cotton, tulle, or microfibre fabric pockets form a protective barrier between your skin and the breast form to reduce deterioration from skin oils and prevent skin irritation.

Amoena Mara Wire-Free Bra

The Amoena Mara Wire-Free Mastectomy Bra is perfect for keeping your breast forms safe while also improving your comfort. The bra is constructed from moisture-wicking COOLMAX® fabric to keep you cool and dry, while the bilateral interior pockets and gently molded cups are perfectly designed to hold your custom breast forms securely.

Hand Wash Only

Delicately hand-wash your breast forms on a daily basis, using only mild, sensitive skin soap. Gently massage the soap into the form before fully rinsing under the tap. Blot dry and set aside in a spot with good air circulation. You’ll want to do this regularly as oil from your skin can wear on the outer layers and limit their longevity.

Avoid using harsh cleaning liquids, powders, or dyes, including bleach, on your custom breast forms.

Rinse After Swimming

Many custom breast forms are suitable for use in the water. After swimming in a pool, ocean, or natural body of water, rinse your breast form thoroughly. You want to be sure to remove any chlorine or salt, as well as different sediments, as quickly as possible to prevent deterioration.

Avoid Hazardous Items

The ingredients and chemicals found in lotions or perfumes may damage the outer layer of the prosthesis over time.

Avoid sharp objects, such as your pet’s claws, or any garments or jewelry containing pins or fasteners.

Use Proper Storage

Protect your custom breast forms whenever you are not wearing them by storing them safely away in the box they came in.

How to Find a Custom Breast Form

Whether you wear custom breast prosthesis temporarily or use them as permanent solutions, caring for them in the best way possible can keep them looking natural and shapely longer, as well as remain comfortable.

To find the perfect breast form for your body, schedule a fitting by professional, licensed, accredited mastectomy fitters to ensure your custom breast forms conform to your chest wall. Our fitters take accurate measurements and use state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology to have your custom breast forms fabricated to your exact dimensions and matched to your skin tone.

If you have any remaining breast tissue, however, you may also want to consider a shaper or enhancer form instead of a full custom breast form. Your professional fitter can help you determine the best options for you with guidance and answers to questions along the way.

Schedule Your Personal Fitting Today

A good fit and adequate care equal a comfortable, long-term solution and a boost to your self-confidence. Taking back your life isn’t always easy, but with a little help along the way, like these natural-looking breast forms, you can find joy again.

When you’re ready to try out custom breast forms, the professional, licensed fitters at A Fitting Experience are available to help you find the perfect ones. Call (954) 978-8287 to schedule a personal fitting today. We also offer virtual fittings by licensed professional fitters for your convenience and safety.

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