Mastectomy Garments

A breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy challenges you physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Following treatment you’ll experience unanticipated changes in your body, which can affect your mobility, as well as your self-confidence.

During your recovery, it is crucial to support your body with the right apparel. Dressing after a mastectomy can help you regain your confidence, improve your state of mind, and in some cases, speed up the healing process. Deciding whether to have breast reconstruction or wear a prosthesis after a single or bilateral mastectomy also factors into your decision about what to wear.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe is here to help ease your mind by providing a wide range of apparel and breast prosthesis choices to wear after breast cancer treatment, to help you feel good as you continue down the road to recovery.

Our options include comfortable camis and compression garments to wear after your surgery, breast forms, perfect fitting bras, lingerie, workout wear, and swimsuits. All our items come in various styles and designs, meaning you never have to give up fashionable choices as you heal and return to the things you love to do.

What you wear post-mastectomy should boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable during your recovery. The following tips can help you navigate what to wear after your mastectomy.

Compression Bras

Compression Bras

Your surgeon at the cancer center may recommend that you wear compression bras after surgery for up to eight weeks to prevent lymphedema and other complications. These bras are made from stretch knit fabric and provide targeted gentle pressure to key areas on your torso to boost circulation and aid healing.

The ABC Compression Bra features a supportive long-line design and a zippered front-closure for easy dressing. The Velcro over-the-shoulder straps allow you to change wound dressings and manage drainage tubes easily. The seamless molded cups contain soft cotton pockets for foam breast forms, and contoured side panels and an anatomical seam conform to your body’s shape for the best possible fit.

Leisure Bras with Front Closures

Leisure Bras with Front Closures

You’ll discover that you have a limited range of motion after your mastectomy surgery, so it’s important to plan for that. Choose clothing that is easy for you to put on and provide the comfort you need throughout the day without constantly adjusting or tugging at it.

A front-fastening leisure bra is the ideal choice for your post-mastectomy wardrobe and is suitable to wear immediately after surgery at the medical center. They are constructed from an ultra-soft breathable material, and front closures allow you to slip on the garment without overextending your arms.

Mastectomy Camisole with Drain Management

After a mastectomy or removal of the lymph nodes, surgical drains will put in place, creating an uncomfortable but temporary necessity. These drains are crucial to your healing as they drain away excess fluids, which, if left, could lead to additional swelling, prolonging healing time. Securing drain tubes in your clothing is another factor you will need to consider.

A soft camisole is beneficial post-surgery as a chic and effective alternative to securing your drainage system with safety pins. Many of these mastectomy camisoles come with removable pockets to securely store the surgical drains.

Mastectomy Camisole with Drain Management

Drain belts that can be worn in the shower are also available to hold them in place securely. Wear loose-fitting clothing, mostly with buttons down the front, during this time also to protect your personal privacy.

Comfortable Nightwear

We all need rest to help our bodies heal, and you’ll need comfortable nightwear to help you sleep better after a mastectomy.

A comfortable, loose-fitting nightgown or pajama set is ideal and should feature a button-down front so you can avoid lifting your arms. Wrap yourself in a soft robe with wide arms for additional comfort.

Comfortable Nightwear

Moisture-control pajamas are another excellent choice, as many patients experience fluctuations in temperature and night sweats after surgery. At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, we carry Cool Jams moisture-wicking PJs that not only help manage perspiration but are lightweight and antimicrobial.

Easy Footwear Options

Slip-on Shoes

Bending over may be difficult in the days that follow your mastectomy due to swelling and discomfort, so you will want to have easy slip-on shoes waiting ready by your bedside. The advantage to slip-ons is that you won’t have to worry about pulling them on or having to tie any shoelaces.

Mastectomy Bras

After your mastectomy, you need bras designed specifically for your new body. Bra options are numerous for breast cancer survivors.

Look for mastectomy bras that feature bilateral interior pockets to hold breast prostheses, wide adjustable straps, a long underbust band, and seamless or wire-free construction.

With a well-fitting bra and breast forms, you can create a look of symmetry, which in turn can give you a sense of confidence to wear the fashions you like as you transition from healing to your new life.

Jodee Soft and Smooth Seamless Bra 810/811

The Anita Airita Bra is a stylish and functional addition to your post-mastectomy wardrobe. The chic dot jacquard fabric is air-permeable to minimize perspiration, and the wire-free spacer cups help lift and separate breasts to give you stunning curves. The wide adjustable straps help you evenly distribute the weight of your breast across your shoulders to minimize back strains, and the seamless design won’t irritate sensitive skin or surgical scars.

Breast Forms

For women who have chosen to forgo breast reconstruction surgery, breast forms offer a comfortable, non-invasive way to regain your curves. The breast forms come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your body’s needs.

Foam breast forms are lightweight and can be worn immediately after mastectomy surgery. Silicone prostheses are suitable for 8-12 weeks after mastectomy surgery once your surgical site has healed.

For guidance and proper fitting, A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe offers a personalized fitting service to help you choose the right fit for your frame. Always consult your healthcare professional before wearing breast forms after a mastectomy.

Final Thoughts

Remember that in the weeks following a mastectomy, your body needs rest and relaxation to heal. Comfortable clothing options can help ease the process. Any time during your journey, A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe is here to provide suggestions and fittings, both in-person and virtually. Call us at (954) 978-8287 to schedule an appointment with our caring and knowledgeable staff.

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