Following breast cancer surgery, the thought of wearing a bathing suit may be overwhelming for some women. It may take some time to feel comfortable in your own skin again.

For those who are ready to incorporate mild exercise such as swimming back into their life again, there are boundless options when it comes to swimwear that supports your post-mastectomy body and lifestyle. If you have decided to wear breast forms following your breast cancer surgery, there is a swimsuit that is designed just for you.

Breast Forms – What are They?

After breast cancer surgery such as a mastectomy, many women search for options to regain their womanly shape and style. Breast forms offer a non-invasive alternative to breast reconstruction surgery. Breast forms are designed to simulate the natural breast and come in many different shapes, styles, materials, and sizes.

When it comes to swimming, swim forms are designed specifically to be worn in the water during swimming or hydrotherapy. Swim forms are typically made up of waterproof silicone and are considerably more lightweight than regular forms. Chlorine and saltwater resistant, swim forms can be used in all sorts of water activities.

 swim forms

Mastectomy Swimwear

Mastectomy swimwear is designed with care for women who have undergone a mastectomy (or other types of breast cancer surgery) and who choose to wear swim breast forms. Buying swimwear that is flattering to your body can feel especially challenging following your surgery, and wired swimsuits are not recommended.

Mastectomy swimsuits offer comfort and security and are pocketed to hold breast forms in place. When shopping for a post-mastectomy bathing suit, check for the following features:

  • A higher-cut neckline and armholes for full coverage of scarring
  • Pockets for your breast forms
  • Blended fabric for any skin sensitivities as well as comfort and style
  • Adjustable straps

Many mastectomy swimsuits offer either basic solid colors or more vibrant colorful patterns – depending on what suits you best. No matter your style preference, we are confident there is a post-mastectomy swimsuit for every woman in our online collection.

Swim Forms

Swim Forms

Unlike regular wear breast forms, swim forms are designed to withstand harsh chemicals such as chlorine while swimming, or saltwater if you’re near an ocean. Swim forms are soft and lightweight, providing a natural-looking appearance in your swimwear.

If you decide that you want to wear breast forms of any kind, it is important to work one on one with a board-certified mastectomy fitter. These are trained professionals who can not only ensure that you choose the right size and style for your body but can also address any questions or concerns you might have along the way.

Final Thoughts

One of the best ways for a woman to honor her survival and celebrate life is to partake in everything it has to offer. Swimming is not only a great form of exercise following breast cancer surgery, but it is fun and enjoyable as well.

At A fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, our goal is to make the process of shopping for all of your post-mastectomy needs as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our trained professionals.


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