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"From Radical to Reconstruction"

"From Radical to Reconstruction"

Whether you have had a mastectomy, reconstruction, or augmentation, it is recommended that you wear a specially designed post-op bra to reduce the risk of potential health complications and enhance your recovery.

Why You Should Wear a Post-Surgical Bra After a Mastectomy

Lymphedema is a common side effect of many types of breast surgery as the operation can cause trauma to the surrounding lymph nodes in the chest and under the arms. This can disrupt the flow of lymph fluid which is an important part of your immune system and vital for preventing infection. A post-surgical compression bra can minimize swelling around the wound site and improve circulation to dramatically reduce the risk of developing lymphedema.

For women who have undergone reconstruction or augmentation, a post-operative bra can help to prevent implant dislocation to ensure you achieve the aesthetic results you desire.

Post-surgical bras often use compression technology to boost blood flow which floods incision sites with nutrients that help to repair tissues for faster healing.

3 Stylish Bras to Wear After Breast Surgery

While a post-surgery bra is designed to be functional, this does not mean that it can also be beautiful. Here are three of our favorite post-operative bras that can help you look and feel good.

1. Anita Initial Post-Operative Compression Bra

3. Amoena Frances Recovery Care Mastectomy Bra

Most doctors recommend that you wear a compression bra for around 4-8 weeks after surgery depending on the procedure and your personal healing timeline, however, once you can stop wearing compression bras you will want an incredibly comfortable bra that supports your recovery.

The Amoena Frances Recovery Care Bra is the perfect option to facilitate healing and keep you comfortable while you convalesce at home. The fabric has an extra high cotton content that is breathable and kind to your skin and features a front hook-and-eye closure ideal for patients with limited upper-body mobility.

The soft cups contain cotton pockets to hold lightweight breast forms to help you regain your curves after a mastectomy. It is available in nine bold colors and vibrant patterns so you can find a leisure bra to suit your taste and lifestyle.

3. ABC Active Mastectomy Bra

After your initial recovery period, a sports mastectomy bra can make a suitable alternative to a compression bra to help boost the healing process. It can also make it more comfortable to start a light exercise regime that can improve your overall health and speed up your recovery.

The ABC Active Mastectomy Bra is the ideal blend of style and function. It has a wire-free design that won’t irritate surgical scars and an ergonomic racerback that supports your posture and provides added security for breast forms.

It comes with removable cup inserts that can be used to enhance your shape without the need for a breast prosthesis, and the breathable fabric is quick-drying for better comfort while exercising.

Final Thoughts

The right selection of post-surgical bras can make your breast surgery recovery more comfortable. Choose from any of these stylish post-mastectomy bras for a chic way to heal.

To find out more about the range of mastectomy bras available or to schedule a professional fitting with a certified fitter, call A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe at (954) 978-8287 to be fitted for your post-surgery bra.

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