With so many decisions to consider following a breast cancer diagnosis, feeling overwhelmed is natural. While your health is most important during your recovery, you may also be thinking about your appearance post-mastectomy.

While reconstructive surgery is one option, it’s not for everyone. For those who choose not to go the additional surgery route, there are still options available to restore symmetry and natural shape to your body. Custom breast forms provide the most comfortable and realistic alternative to a breast reconstruction, giving you the confidence needed to get out and enjoy life again.

Being fitted for custom breast forms or prosthesis is as easy as 1-2-3 once you schedule an appointment with a Certified Mastectomy Fitter at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe.

Pre-Scanning Consultation

During your first consultation with a certified mastectomy fitter, you will learn about product availability, including styles and color options. American Breast Care, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art mastectomy products, provides many great options for you to consider.

Ask questions until you feel comfortable with the entire process. If you determine that the ABC custom breast prosthesis is the best choice, the process can begin, including picking out a mastectomy bra to wear with your new forms. Your fitter will also discuss the payment options available and if you are eligible for insurance coverage.

Scanning Session

Custom breast forms are created using cutting-edge 3D digital scanning. During your personal scan session, the same fitter will be working with you as in the initial consultation.

A set of removable stickers, or markers, will be applied to areas of your body, including your chest and torso. Several pictures will be taken, followed by scans with scanning software that detects the markers and designs a customized fit. These scans will be conducted while wearing your chosen mastectomy bra and without it. The entire process usually takes 45 minutes or less.

Prosthesis Fitting

Your fitter will contact you to set a personal fitting time. With compassion and professionalism, your fitter will show you the best ways to fit the custom breast form to the unique contours of your chest wall.

Your fitter will provide care instructions, and the prosthesis will be delivered in a beautiful pink suede case for you to keep. You may even want to try on and purchase other mastectomy bra types to add to your new wardrobe while there.

Final Thoughts

Our dedicated mastectomy fitters here at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe want to help you get back to your life and feel good about your body again. Contact us at (954) 978-8287 to schedule your custom breast form fitting and get started on the path to a more confident you.

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