Swimming is a great way to get moving again following breast cancer surgery. A gentle yet effective exercise, many women can begin swimming shortly after their recovery period. Your doctor or physician will let you know how long after your recovery period before you can begin swimming.

While shopping for swimwear can be a frustrating experience for any woman, those who have undergone breast cancer surgery face a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to help remove some of the stress involved with shopping for a post-mastectomy swimsuit and to help make the process rewarding and enjoyable.

What is Mastectomy Swimwear?

Post-mastectomy swimwear is designed specifically with women who have undergone major breast cancer surgery. Mastectomy swimwear supports the healing process while making it a possibility to wear a breast prosthesis while swimming, should you choose to do so. The ideal bathing suit should provide wide and adjustable straps for varying levels of support and comfort.

Patterns and colors vary by each woman’s individual taste, however, solid colors can be more slimming whereas loud and vibrant patterns can draw attention. High neck and armholes provide maximum coverage for scarring and protection for sensitive areas. Chlorine resistant fabric ensures the longevity of your suit.

Post-mastectomy swimwear should feature pockets sewn into the cups to hold breast forms securely in place. The Jodee Melody Mastectomy Tank Swimsuit provides all of these features in addition to a tummy control panel and is available in sizes 8-20. Some of the best swimsuits for breast cancer survivors can be found in our expansive online inventory, including some new pieces out for the 2020 summer season.

Mastectomy Swimwear

  • 2020 T.H.E. COLLECTION MASTECTOMY TRIPLE TIER TANKINI SWIM TOP – This swim top is ideal for women who want to mix and match pieces. The pocketed cups keep your swim breast forms in place should you choose to wear them. The beautiful and vibrant floral print and ruffled fabric work well to provide a high level of coverage.


  • 2020 T.H.E. Collection Mastectomy Swimsuit- This elegant one-piece swimsuit features pockets for your breast forms as well as high necklines and armholes for superior coverage and support. The 3-button adjustable straps provide support and comfort as you need it.

Post Mastectomy Breast Forms

Some women choose to undergo breast reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy, while others would rather not endure a second major surgery. For those women who opt-out, a less invasive option is post-surgical breast forms.

Swim breast forms are designed with a waterproof lightweight silicone and can withstand saltwater, chlorine, and the wear and tear that comes with swimming. The Trulife Calypso Swimform is heart-shaped for optimal and versatile fit and comes in sizes 1-14.

Final Thoughts

The best swimsuits for breast cancer survivors are ones that feel comfortable, provide excellent support and coverage, and match the individual style and taste of each woman. Breast cancer surgery is a life-changing health condition and a struggle for any woman to endure. At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe we look forward to assisting you with starting a new chapter in life with our trustworthy brands and our compassionate services. Please contact us at any time with any questions or concerns you might have.

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