Breast cancer surgery is only the start of a woman’s journey. Whether you have experienced a single or double mastectomy or a lumpectomy, you must then decide on how to proceed and revive confidence in your body. Breast reconstruction surgery is not for everyone, and fortunately, there are other choices available such as silicone breast forms.

Information is critical when selecting the right silicone breast forms for your body’s frame and size. Professional guidance and fittings are also imperative in finding the best breast form for your particular body type.

Our staff at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe can answer your questions and guide you through the process, providing personalized fitting services to ensure you are not only comfortable with your choice but also love the way you look again.

Why Silicone Breast Forms?

Silicone breast forms are an increasingly popular option, preferred by many women today. Worn externally on your skin, or inside a mastectomy pocket bra, this type of breast form provides you with a natural feel and a realistic look. One additional advantage of wearing silicone breast forms is they have a similar weight to your natural breast, providing you with balance and symmetry.

Silicone breast forms can be customized, providing a personalized shape to fit your body intimately. At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, we provide custom made breast forms by American Breast Care, taking the time to match your skin tone and ensure your fit is comfortable.

How to Determine Silicone Breast Form Shape

Silicone breast forms come in different shapes. Many are contoured to create that natural transition from your body to the form. They can also be either symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Selecting the shape of your silicone breast forms is based on your own personal preference and body type. If you’ve had a single mastectomy, you can look at your remaining natural breast and determine the best shape. If you‘ve had a double mastectomy, you will need to determine which shape will best suit your frame, both for comfort and a natural look.

Often, a symmetrical shape is recommended for those with a mastectomy, while an asymmetrical shape is preferred by those who have had breast tissue or lymph nodes removed under the arm area.

How to Determine Silicone Breast Form Size

To determine the size of forms suited best to your body, you will first need to find your band size. With a tape measure, measure your torso just beneath your armpits. Band sizes come in even numbers, so if you find you measure at an odd number, go down one size.

A personalized fitter will also check your overall bra size, measuring at different points around your rib cage and chest. It’s essential to know your correct bra size for the forms to feel as natural as possible.

The second piece of information you need is the cup size. For this, you will want to consider your overall body size and height. While there are no hard and fast rules on what cup size to choose. Those with a petite frame often choose a smaller breast form size than someone with a larger frame.

Another way to choose or confirm your cup size is by finding your ideal dress size and then looking at the manufacturer’s sizing chart to determine the cup size.

If you’re unsure of what cup size to choose, try starting with a smaller form. This will allow you time to get familiar with the weight and feel and become comfortable wearing a breast form overall. From there, you’ll know if you wish to try a larger one.

Once you have your bra band size and preferred cup size, it’s now time to find your ideal breast form size using a chart. Find your measurement, then slide across to where it intersects with your desired cup size. This will give you your breast form size. For example, if you measure a 34 and choose a B cup size, the chart will show you the corresponding breast form size. In this case, it is size 4.

Don’t Forget Your Mastectomy Bra

With a comforting variety of styles to choose from, mastectomy bras make it easier to wear your new silicone breast forms with confidence. Unlike a regular bra, these mastectomy bras provide pockets to hold the forms and provide the support you need securely.

Our Anita Hanni Post Mastectomy Bra is made from ultra-soft microfiber and features delicate tulle pockets to provide the ultimate in comfort.

How a mastectomy bra fits you and your breast prosthesis will make all the difference in how comfortable you feel. Along with adjustable bra straps, the forms need to fit neatly in the pockets, avoiding any bulging at the top of the cup. Although you can wear them without a bra using self-adhesive or double-sided tape, it isn’t recommended, as they can slip or shift out of place if the adhesive wears off.

A Personalized Fitting

Deciding on the right silicone breast form for your frame can be overwhelming. Let the staff at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe help. Our board-certified mastectomy fitters will guide you through the process, answering questions as you go along. Call us at (954) 978-8287 to schedule your personalized fitting.

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