After you’ve been through a mastectomy, it can take a while to heal, both physically and emotionally. Activities you used to enjoy now come with some additional considerations and some hesitation. Yet, resuming your life—as it was before your mastectomy—is an integral part of the healing process.

Getting Back to Your Life

After mastectomy surgery, your body and your state of mind may feel different, and picking up your life where you left off can feel challenging. If you used to be a frequent gym-goer resuming this routine can be an important part of your recovery and help build confidence. Not to mention, exercise is an excellent way to reestablish well-being and maintain long-term health.

You may wonder how to look the part at the gym when gym gear can often be tight-fitting and revealing. Many women feel self-conscious about getting back in their workout gear.

Working with the New Normal

After a mastectomy, you may have unequally sized breasts, you may have significantly smaller breasts than you used to have, or you may have had a breast reconstruction. Whatever the scenario, you will be facing unfamiliar changes to your body.

Picking the right post-mastectomy bras and workout clothes can help you feel confident again. There is an option for every woman who’s had breast cancer treatment. Many mastectomy bras on the market offer supportive features and benefits such as bilateral interior pockets, moisture-wicking fabric, and padded straps. It’s worth exploring a range of bras to decide what bra will suit your needs.

Choosing the Right Bras for the Job

The right post-mastectomy bra provides the necessary support for post-surgery recovery. They include several features that make them naturally-suited for wearing after a mastectomy. They don’t have an underwire, they often have wide underbands, adjustable thick straps, wide front, and side panels, and provide firm support.

A specially-designed post-mastectomy sports bra also provides varying levels of support, depending on your activity. They are also often made from high-performance breathable fabrics that wick away moisture to keep you dry and regulate your temperature while working out.

The right mastectomy bra can be tailored to your situation. If you haven’t undergone breast reconstruction, breast prostheses, also known as breast forms, can be used to give you a balanced shape without surgery.

Many mastectomy bras have inbuilt pockets so you can slip a breast prosthesis into them easily and securely. The other alternative to these pockets is to use skin-friendly adhesive to stick the breast forms to the chest wall directly. However, this is often more complicated than simply buying a bra with an inbuilt prosthesis pocket.

Supportive Mastectomy Sports Bras

Supportive Mastectomy Sports Bras

The ABC Active Bra is an essential gym staple. The front closure design allows for easy dressing and undressing, and the thick fabric straps provide support without digging into the skin.

Constructed with comfort in mind, the material is light, breathable, and helps wick moisture away from the skin. The double-ended zipper also features zipper covers to eliminate possible skin irritation.

This sports bra comes with removable padded inserts that can fill out your shape. Women who choose this bra are guaranteed a comfortable, confident gym experience.

Ultra-Soft Mastectomy Bras

Ultra-Soft Mastectomy Bras

The Amoena Mara Mastectomy Bra provides a classic style and low-impact support that would be the perfect accompaniment to your gym outfit. Wear under a lightweight gym top to create a smooth t-shirt bra silhouette. The adjustable straps provide flexible support, and the bilateral bra pockets allow you to discreetly and securely fill out the shape.

Versatile Leisure Bras

Ultra-Soft Mastectomy Bras

If you want a bra that can seamlessly transition from the gym to your everyday wear, the Coobie Fusion Yoga Bra is the bra for you. This style is available in a range of vibrant, fashionable colors—hot pink, crushed berry, black, white, nude, charcoal, or black night—and sizes 32 to 42, A to D. Perfect for the fashion-conscious woman who plans on doing light exercise. This bra can also double as effective beachwear if you’re planning on having some fun in the sun.

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