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For women who have had a mastectomy, wearing a silicone breast prosthesis is a comfortable way to restore symmetry to their body after surgery. However, many women wonder: Do I need a special bra to use silicone breast forms? To help you understand more about how to wear a breast form, we answer all your questions about silicone breast forms and mastectomy bras.

What Type of Breast Forms are Available?

There are different types of breast forms available to suit your unique body shape and breast size. Some of these breast forms include:

Silicone Breast Forms

Silicone breast forms are typically made from a medical-grade silicone shell which is filled either with fiber-fill or silicon gel. This type of breast prosthesis offers the most natural look and feel due to the weight and texture of the silicone.

Foam Breast Forms

Foam breast forms are lightweight breast forms designed to be worn just a couple of weeks after surgery, or while exercising or sleeping.

Shapers and Partial Forms

For women who have had breast conserving surgery and want to add volume to their silhouette, partial forms can be worn inside a pocketed bra. They come in a range of shapes depending on where you need added definition, whether on the chest wall or under the arms.

Shapers and Partial Forms

Why do Breast Forms Come in Different Shapes?

All styles of breast forms come in different shapes to suit a woman’s natural breast. Triangle shaped silicone breast forms are ideal for women with a wider chest wall and shallow bust profile, while round or oval breast forms are better suited to women who have greater breast projection. Breast forms with wings are designed to contour to your body and add volume under the arm if you have had a lumpectomy or extensive tissue removed.

Can I Wear my Silicone Breast Forms with a Regular Bra?

Many women find that due to the changes in their body after surgery, their regular bras no longer fit as they used to. Features such as underwires and poor support can cause pain and discomfort.

It is recommended that you wear a mastectomy bra after surgery. Mastectomy bras are specifically designed to hold silicone breast forms securely and minimize any post-surgical discomfort you may experience.

Mastectomy bras offer a variety of features to enhance your shape and boost your confidence. Some of these features include:

Bilateral Pockets

The cups of mastectomy bras often have bilateral pockets sewn directly inside to hold breast forms and stop them shifting throughout the day. The pockets are constructed of soft microfiber or mesh for optimal air circulation to reduce perspiration and prevent irritation to the chest wall.

Adjustable Bra Straps

Adjustable bra straps allow you to create the most comfortable fit for your body. They also offer added security for your breast forms.

Wide Bands

Bra bands provide the support in your bra to reduce the pressure of the bra straps on your shoulders and neck. Wide straps also help you to disguise surgical scars and help to hold your breast forms more securely.

Do I Need to Attach My Breast Forms?

Some styles of breast forms can be attached directly to the chest wall using a skin-friendly adhesive. However, if you choose to wear a mastectomy bra with interior pockets, you do not need to use an adhesive to secure your breast prosthesis inside.

How Do I Care for My Mastectomy Bra and Breast Forms?

Cleaning and caring for your mastectomy bras and breast forms can keep them performing and looking their best and prolong the life of your mastectomy products.

To clean your mastectomy bras, it is recommended that you hand wash them in warm water with mild soap. Then, reshape the cups by hand and line dry as using the dryer can warp underwire and straps and damage the fabric.

Cleaning your silicone breast forms is as simple as wiping them with mild soapy water and drying with a clean cloth. Foam forms can be hand washed alongside your mastectomy bra. They can also be put inside a special wash bag and placed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

The Wrap Up

A special mastectomy bra is the most comfortable and secure way to wear breast forms after mastectomy surgery. To find the perfect fitting bras and breast forms for your body, book a consultation with a certified bra fitter at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe. Call us today on (954)-468-8904 for assistance and to talk with our friendly and experienced staff about your post-mastectomy needs.

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