For breast cancer survivors, a custom breast prosthesis can offer the chance to feel like themselves again. Whether you’ve had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or any other form of breast cancer surgery, you may struggle to find the confidence to look in the mirror.

Many women opt out of breast reconstruction surgery to avoid further invasive treatment. These women often decide to wear custom-made breast prostheses, which allow them to regain their confidence and feel like their former selves. Discover the benefits of these state-of-the-art products and how you can thrive post-mastectomy.

Benefits of Custom Breast Prosthesis

There are many benefits to a custom breast prosthesis, including:

Personalized Shape

To ensure your prosthesis fits perfectly, a custom-made design is made using specifications obtained from scans of your remaining breast and chest wall. The back of the breast form is designed based on your chest wall and surgical site to ensure it fits perfectly. This ensures that you receive the shaped prosthesis of your choice, ensuring it fits securely in your mastectomy bra, giving you the most proportional, balanced look.

Natural Appearance

Unlike off-the-shelf prostheses, custom-made models allow you to choose the colors that match your areola and skin tone. It also contours to the curves of your body, ensuring your prosthesis looks as natural as possible.

Comfortable Fit

Opting for a custom-made design allows you to work with the certified mastectomy fitter to create the exact prosthesis you need. The personalized fit ensures that the breast form won’t shift or slip and won’t irritate your skin, giving you the most comfortable wearing experience.

American Breast Care Custom Prostheses

At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, we carry premium American Breast Care custom breast forms. Our dedicated breast specialists make you feel as comfortable as possible while delivering the highest-quality service.

The ABC custom breast prosthesis journey starts with a pre-scanning consultation during which you can discuss with the specialist the style you want so you can begin your design experience. There are 3 ABC custom styles available: Advanced Cooling Technology, Open Back and Closed Back.

You’ll then be invited for a personal scan session where state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology is used to guarantee an accurate and perfect-fitting prosthesis. After the scan, a team of expert breast form designers constructs your prostheses. An experienced accredited fitter will contact you to set up a personal fitting appointment.

Once you’re happy with your new prosthesis, you’ll be able to pair a bra and breast form. An extensive range of mastectomy bras complements your new prostheses and leaves you feeling confident and attractive.

Why not try the Amoena Jasmin Cotton Stretch Soft Cup Bra? Its sultry design is also extremely functional – it’s wire-free to avoid chafing and pressure, and it has breast form pockets that hold your new prostheses securely in place.

Does Insurance cover your Custom Breast Prosthesis?

Many insurance plans, including most Medicaid plans, cover your custom breast prosthesis if it is medically necessary. Some insurance plans that cover it include United Healthcare, Cigna Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Choose Custom Breast Forms for Comfort and Convenience

Our team at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe can help you file your insurance claim. Call us at 954-978-8287 to discuss your options and learn more about the custom breast form fitting process.

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