One of the most refreshing and exhilarating feelings is the wind blowing through your hair as you gallop along a trail on horseback. Riding a horse is a great way to unwind and enjoy nature. However, following any type of breast cancer surgery, you may be hesitant to try it or climb back on your favorite horse.

This is where a good sports bra can help and give you the confidence and protection you need. The right support means you don’t need to give up the things you love or avoid trying new things. If horseback riding is one of them, here is our guide on what to look for in a sports bra for your new body.

What to Look for the Best Sports Bra for Horseback Riding

Horseback riding causes excessive vertical breast movement. This movement can damage your breast ligaments, leading to discomfort and sagging. Unfortunately, wearing an everyday bra doesn’t offer the support you need to reduce breast bounce.

If you’ve gone through a lumpectomy or mastectomy, your breast tissue is already distressed, so finding the right support is essential.

Be sure to look for the following features for the best horse riding bra.

A firm band

Correct band sizes are important for keeping your bra in place. You need the sports bra’s band to fit firmly and not move up and down your back or dig in uncomfortably.

Adjustable straps

The shoulder straps are secondary support but should not hold the full weight of your breasts or breast forms. Look for ones that do not dig into your shoulder and can be adjusted. Wide, padded straps offer the best comfort and even weight distribution.

Shape and style

For a sports bra, fitness enthusiasts consider racerback styles the most effective at limiting breast movement. Underwire bras offer the best support for a high-impact sport such as horse riding; however, they can irritate your chest wall after breast cancer surgery. Look for sports bras with molded cups instead.

Easy to Put On

Avoid sports bras that are a struggle to pull on. This is especially important for those with any shoulder issues or strength and arm movement limitations. Consider ones with hook-and-eye or zippered front closures to make the task easier.

Good Fit

You need a good fit all the way around. The best way to assure this is by working with a certified fitter to determine your body’s correct band and cup size. This is especially important for those looking for a best fitting mastectomy sports bra.

Types of Sports Bras

Sports bras come in two different types, compression and encapsulation. Those that are of the compression type hold both breasts against the chest firmly. Encapsulation provides support individually for each breast. While compression sports bras can work for smaller busts, encapsulation is often the better option for comfort and support.

Since breast cancer surgery often results in different size breasts or the need for one or two breast forms, consider the encapsulation type of sports bra. This way, you provide each side with the best support and protection you can. Encapsulation bras also typically feature bilateral interior pockets for securely holding breast forms, even during high-impact activity.

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