Exercise is essential for good health. It promotes overall fitness and aids those who have undergone breast cancer treatment by avoiding or reducing side effects, such as weight gain and fatigue. It can also improve mental wellbeing, helping you feel confident enough to enjoy your life again.

Best post-mastectomy bra

While sticking to any regular workout schedule is tough enough, someone who has gone through a mastectomy surgery has even more challenges with or without breast reconstruction. One of those is finding the right mastectomy sports bras for your workouts. Wearing breast forms may deter you from continuing or even starting an exercise regime if you don’t have the right fit.

Here are a few tips on how to go about choosing the right sports bra for your post-surgery workout routines.

Find a Bra to Suit the Level of Exercise Intensity

Medical professionals report that working out after breast cancer treatments is safe and has many benefits. But not all mastectomy bras are equal for support during exercise.

For those who enjoy running, biking, or a competitive game of tennis, you’ll need a high-impact sports bra. If you’re more into taking a spin class or brisk walking, a medium support sports bra may suffice. For women who choose to start slowly, taking yoga, tai chi, or just looking for a comfortable fit to wear every day, a light support sports bra works well.

Look for a Comfortable Fit

A sports bra’s overall fit after a mastectomy is integral to creating the comfort you need to work out effectively. To check that it’s not too tight, make sure you can run your finger under the band and the straps with little effort. You also don’t want a too loose fit as sports bras are designed to compress or encapsulate to protect your breasts and decrease bouncing.

For those wearing breast prostheses, you have additional concerns when finding a comfortable fit. Many mastectomy sports bras come with pockets for your prosthesis, so you need to ensure your breast forms fit within those pockets and not increase the compression to an uncomfortable point.

Other mastectomy sports bras come with padded inserts, such as the Empower pads. These removable pads are convenient and most often are comfortable enough to leave in, depending on your body’s needs.

Make Sure it Has Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps are essential for post-mastectomy workouts. After mastectomy surgery, you may find yourself with different-sized breasts and need to adjust each side differently for optimal support.

Yoga Bra

For a yoga bra or lighter activities, look for adjustable straps that can provide more or less support and adjust accordingly. You’ll need a snug fit for running, so adjusting the straps for a slightly tighter fit will offer more support.

Stick with Front or Back Closures

Look for a mastectomy sports bras that allows you to dress easily. Models without zippers or any type of closure must be pulled over your head, which can be a problem for breast cancer survivors with limited mobility.

Two options include a front closure sports bra or a back closure. Depending on where you are in your mastectomy recovery, you may want to stick with the front closure option for ease and comfort.

Find Your Fabric

Sweating is a natural part of working out but can leave you damp and sticky at the end of a session. Avoid the discomfort by ensuring your sports bra is made of breathable or moisture-wicking fabric, such as microfiber. This can not only cool you down but can also keep you comfortable as you continue your workout.

Nylon and spandex blends are commonly found in sports bras and conform nicely to your body, providing the compression needed. Avoid bras with high cotton content, as they won’t provide the stretch you need and absorb moisture rather than evaporating it.

The Coobie Fusion is ideal for low-impact sport and everyday wear. It features an ultra-soft blend of nylon and spandex with removable pads and wide straps and bands for support.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Fit?

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