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"From Radical to Reconstruction"

"From Radical to Reconstruction"

Many women experience unevenness in their breasts, but for women who have had a lumpectomy, the imbalance can feel more pronounced. Partial breast forms can help you to achieve balance and enhance your shape. Here is a helpful guide on how to wear partial forms with a post-surgical bra.

Why Choose Partial Breast Forms?

Partial breast forms are the ideal solution for women who have undergone a lumpectomy or breast-conserving partial mastectomy to add volume and definition to their silhouette. They are also suitable for creating symmetry after breast reconstruction following your mastectomy.

Partial breast forms work by using your remaining breast tissue and shaping it or adding to it to create your desired breast shape. But to get the most out of your partial breast forms it is important to know how to wear them and which style best suits your needs.

Bras for Partial Breast Forms

Partial breast forms work best when worn inside specially designed mastectomy bras. Here are some features of mastectomy bras to look for if you wear partial breast forms.

Interior Pockets

Mastectomy bras feature bilateral interior pockets that are sewn directly into the cups to hold partial breast forms securely to prevent them from shifting throughout the day. The pockets are usually constructed from breathable cotton/spandex to prevent irritation to the chest wall.Partial forms should be positioned at the base of the pockets, then manually adjusted to fill the space where your breast tissue is uneven.

Underarm Pockets

Many newer models of mastectomy bras, such as the Jodee Contemporary Mastectomy bra, offer an underarm pocket to hold additional cushions or partial forms to help women achieve balance after lymph node removal.

Molded Cups

Molded cups help to define your shape and can enhance the effect of your partial shapers and offer additional support.

To properly position and wear your partial forms inside molded cups, lean forward after placing your partial forms inside the bra so that all remaining breast tissue fills the cups. Make slight adjustments to the partial form so that it helps to fill the cup without causing the breast tissue to overflow out the sides or top of the bra.

Finding the Right Fit

After breast-conserving mastectomy surgery or a lumpectomy, your body will have undergone some changes, which means that many of your old bras will no longer fit. Finding the perfect fitting mastectomy bra will allow you to wear partial breast forms more comfortably and create a more natural shape.

The best way to find the right mastectomy bras and partial breast forms for your body is to visit a certified fitter for a professional fitting. At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe our compassionate ABCOP and BOC certified fitters can help you find the correct shape to match your remaining breast and tissue, as well as the best bra to hold your forms.

Adhesives for Breast Forms

Because partial forms are more lightweight than standard breast forms, they respond better to adhesives which can help them feel more secure. Partial breast form adhesives range from double-sided tape to roll’on glue that washes off with water.

You can wear some partial forms and shapers without a mastectomy bra using only adhesive, such as the Amoena Balance shaper, this allows the breast form to contour to the shape of your body giving a natural look and feel.

However, this may be unsuitable for all styles of partial best forms so to help you feel more confident while wearing your partial forms; it is best to use an adhesive to complement your mastectomy bra.

Final Thoughts

Use partial breast forms with your mastectomy bra to achieve the shape and symmetry you want after surgery. Talk to one of our knowledgeable and experienced staff at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe at (954)-543-1262 to schedule a fitting and find the best post-surgical mastectomy bras and partial forms for your body.

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