If you’re shopping for a post-surgical bra, you might be looking for a bra that helps you feel like your old self. You want to feel sexy and beautiful, and you want a mastectomy bra that will meet your needs and support you. While a push-up bra might seem like it checks those boxes, here are five reasons to avoid them after a double mastectomy or reconstructive surgery.

They’re simply not conducive to recovery and there are better options available to safely help you feel like your best self.

1. Push-up bras lack breast prosthesis pockets

Simply put, standard push-up bras lack the breast form pockets you need to feel secure and supported after breast surgery. This can be extremely uncomfortable, and a lot of feeling beautiful and sexy comes down to feeling comfortable and secure in your own skin.

2. Push-up bras have limited underwire protection

Underwire bras can rub painfully against mastectomy scarring, preventing healing and causing a great deal of discomfort–especially if they are not designed with your post-surgery needs in mind.

 Jodee 606 Bra

If you love the underwire bra look, consider the Jodee 606 bra. This bra features an underwire look while being a wire-free bra, making it comfortable, beautiful, and optimally supportive as a post-surgical bra. With its delicate lace design and graceful shape, it’s a wonderful option.

The same bra is also available in the Jodee 608 bra model. This version boasts permaform cup options: You can choose to have ultra-lightweight foam breast forms permanently sewn into the bra in one or both cups. A permaform is ideal for comfort in a hot environment, and a world away from wearing a breast prosthesis in an ill-fitting, uncomfortable underwire push-up bra.

3. They won’t fit correctly under tight clothing

Push-up bras won’t fit correctly underneath tight clothing. If you’re looking for mastectomy bras that will give a sleek, attractive line underneath your favorite dress, consider a post-surgical bra specially designed for the task.

Compression Bra

This Jodee 814 Scarlett bra is not only available in a smoldering red, but it features ultra-soft, microfiber cups that are molded for a seamless design. This makes it an ideal shirt bra, sheer fabrics, and figure-hugging dresses. Each cup has a skin-friendly, built-in pocket to hold a specially-designed breast prosthesis securely in place.

4. If you need compression, push-up bras are definitely not for you

If you’ve just undergone an operation, a push-up bra almost certainly isn’t the right choice for you. It might seem supportive, but in fact, a compression bra is much better suited to the task ahead.

The Anita 1199 Post-Operative Compression bra is tailor-made with post-surgical needs in mind. Its sleek, black design is attractive and discreet while providing you with a breathable, heat-regulating bra that will work hard to ensure your optimal comfort.

Compression bras help facilitate healing by applying controlled compression to scarred tissue far better than a push-up bra ever could. With an extremely soft, microfiber toweling system on the inside of the bra, it absorbs any excess moisture and pulls it away from the body, leaving you with optimal comfort.

5. You can’t customize your push-up bra

A push-up bra doesn’t come in all the permaform options or with options for perfectly-designed breast prosthesis pockets. However, your average push-up bra also misses out on other options available through A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe and MastectomyShop.com, such as:


It really is best to avoid a standard push-up bra post-mastectomy. Instead, opt for a customizable post-surgical bra from MastectomyShop.com. There, you can find a bra and breast form combination perfectly designed for your individual needs and preferences.

As personal comfort is key to feeling like your sexiest self, this is an essential part of recovering your sense of personal confidence and is something you deserve.

Contact one of our ABCOP and BOC accredited fitters at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe for a professional fitting and advice on the correct post-surgical sports bra for your unique body.

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