For many women, the experience of breast cancer surgery takes not only a physical toll but can be emotionally overwhelming as well. Shopping for swimwear can feel especially daunting for women who might not be feeling as confident with their new shape and figure.

Swimming is a great way to reintroduce gentle exercise back into your life following breast cancer surgery, and finding the perfect post-mastectomy swimwear should feel fun and rewarding. The Jodee line of mastectomy bathing suits offers a unique blend of comfort, style, and affordability. We compiled this list of our favorites to help you with your shopping experience.

Post-mastectomy Swimwear

1. Jodee Solid Black Sarong Mastectomy Swimsuit

This bathing suit offers a higher neckline and armholes in order to conceal any scarring following your surgery. In addition, it is equipped with special pockets designed to hold swim breast forms, should you decide to wear them. The basic black provides a slimming effect if you are feeling self-conscious about your shape, and the suit comes in sizes 8-20. This suit should be hand washed.

Jodee Melody Mastectomy Tank Swimsuit

2. Jodee Melody Mastectomy Tank Swimsuit

Another high-quality swimsuit by Jodee, with a vibrant and colorful pattern on the abdomen. All of the Jodee line one-piece swimsuits have a unique nylon tummy control panel for support. This suit comes in sizes 8-20 as well. A blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

Jodee Melody Mastectomy Tank Swimsuit

3. Jodee Fun in the Sun Mastectomy Tank Swimsuit

Get ready to have some fun in the sun with this suit – wide and adjustable straps allow you to swim comfortably without feeling discomfort at your incision sites. The slimming back material is a comfortable blend of nylon and spandex which allows you to move through the water with ease. Breast form security is never an issue with Jodee swimwear, they come specially designed with pockets in the cups to hold your breast forms in place.

Jodee Fun in the Sun Mastectomy Tank Swimsuit

4. Jodee Mastectomy Blouson Swim Top

With a 3-button adjustable strap feature, you can adjust this swim top as needed for maximum comfort. Mix and match styles allow you to make adjustments based on your daily level of comfort. The nylon-spandex material blend is stretchy and comfortable for the perfect fit. This top comes in sizes 8-26w.

 Jodee Mastectomy Blouson Swim Top

5. Jodee Mastectomy Swim Dress

Another option for women who love bright and vibrant floral patterns. Chlorine resistant fabric ensures that your swimsuit maintains its vibrancy all season long. The dress style suit is ideal for women who prefer more coverage. This suit should be hand washed. Available in sizes 8-26w.

Final Thoughts

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe is your trustworthy resource for all post-mastectomy items including swimwear, mastectomy bras, and swim forms. If you are in the market for a new mastectomy swimsuit and have any questions or concerns, please contact us today.

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