Breast cancer affects women from every walk of life, and if you are a breast cancer survivor, you understand the vital role self-care and exercise play in a successful recovery and a happy life. Swimming can be a healthy component of post-mastectomy life. Not only does it provide gentle physical activity, but swimming can provide fun social interactions, both of which will give a physical and emotional boost.

Having a mastectomy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on cute bathing suits or the latest fashions. The 2020 T.H.E. Collection offers a range of attractive mastectomy swimsuits, so you’ll find a style that makes you feel fabulous and fashionable.

Finding The Right Fit

After a mastectomy, there are several things to consider when you’re looking for the perfect designer swimwear. When you’ve been through a mastectomy, the top is the most critical part of swimwear, so it’s essential to look for swimwear that includes practical features that will support your new post-mastectomy body.

Swimsuits with a higher cut neckline are best for post-mastectomy swimwear. When you choose a swimsuit with a higher cut neckline and armholes, you help protect sensitive scar tissue and incision areas. Not only do you benefit from this protection, but you also get greater confidence from feeling secure.

Built-in cup pockets are another must-have feature for mastectomy swimsuits, bikinis, and tankinis. Adjustable straps can help create a more comfortable fit and help to secure breast forms.

The Ultimate 2020 One Piece Swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits offer the most practicality for a serious swimmer, and this 2020 T.H.E. Collection Swimsuit doesn’t disappoint. Its high neckline ends just below the collarbone, providing extensive coverage for those who want to disguise surgical scars and breast forms.

The bright and lively print brings a tropical flair, while the solid colored bottom provides ample coverage. You’ll be able to create a beautiful silhouette with this stunning one-piece thanks to the built-in pockets, which are ideal for symmetry shapers or breast forms, and slimming panels in the front lining for extra tummy control.

The 2020 Swim Dress

Bring some fun and movement with this 2020 T.H.E. Collection Swim Dress. You’ll love the vibrant range of prints; each one is full of life, exhibiting the best of nature. Choose from the five different styles: shimmering seas, botanical garden, Hawaiian holiday, star connection, or plain black.

You get full coverage with this swim dress. The skirt style covers the upper thigh, while the round high neck offers just enough coverage without feeling constricting. The attached panty and 3-button adjustable straps help you feel comfortable and supported. The built-


The 2020 Tankini Top

This 2020 T.H.E. Collection Tankini Swim Top is ideal for those who want a striking silhouette. The triple tier design is excellent for those who don’t want a form-hugging piece, so you can feel free to move without self-consciousness in this tankini.

The built-in pockets can be worn with or without breast forms or symmetry shapers, and thanks to the triple-tier design, they are great for bilateral mastectomy patients. The adjustable soft shoulder straps ensure you stay secure and comfortable without digging into the skin. You can pair these tankini bathing suits with any bikini briefs since this comes in a Mix n’ Match style.

Final Thoughts

With these bold, exciting pieces from the 2020 T.H.E Collection, you’ll find it easy to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Feel comfortable, secure, and full of life in these exquisite statement piece swimsuits.

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