Mastectomy Swimwear

It’s easy to feel self-conscious following surgery for breast cancer. The physical and emotional tolls are demanding and even more difficult when you’re not feeling yourself. This psychological aspect can be eased with the support of a good doctor, friends, and family.

Women are faced with some tough decisions when they’re told they need a mastectomy. These surgeries are physically stressful, and often women who need mastectomies opt not to undergo breast reconstruction, instead choosing to wear a breast prosthesis. This decision may cause added anxiety when considering how to dress, especially when you’re ready to start your normal day-to-day activities.

When you’re ready to return to everyday life, one of the first things your doctor might recommend is a low impact exercise like swimming to help strengthen your mental health and your recovering body. Wearing a bathing suit can be quite daunting following breast surgery, and it’s perfectly normal not to know what to expect.

Fortunately, many companies have designed incredible post-mastectomy bathing suits so women can continue living their active lifestyle after surgery. These mastectomy swimsuits offer everything a standard bathing suit style features, including swim skirts, and bikini tops. They also provide specialized aspects like high necks and armholes to hide scars and adjustable straps and wide under bands to help secure breast forms in place.

What is Mastectomy Swimwear?

Mastectomy swimwear is like any other bathing suit, except the swim tops accommodate prosthetic swim forms by providing hidden pockets in the suit’s bra cups. The support doesn’t end there, though. A mastectomy swimsuit incorporates several other features to ensure your comfort while you swim.

Mastectomy Swimwear Design Features

Most oncologists agree that swimming is an excellent post-mastectomy exercise. For women who do enjoy wearing breast forms, mastectomy bathing suits give you all the support you need with the following features:

  • Prosthetic breasts are kept in place by hidden pockets.
  • The soft cups designed to smooth your natural breast can be removed, and swim forms can be inserted in their place.
  • A snug fit keeps your prosthetic and natural breast securely against your chest.
  • A wider underbust band firmly keeps your prosthesis against your chest.
  • Soft, flexible underwires won’t damage your breast form – some designs feature no underwire.

Some suits offer billowing tops and ruching styles for women who choose not to wear breast forms with their mastectomy swimwear. Styles like these help women achieve the body symmetry they prefer without breast forms. The suits still have the sewn-in pockets but will also feature adjustable straps and higher necklines to help you feel comfortable when you’re ready to hit the pool or beach.

Additional features include:

  • Tummy control flatters your belly.
  • Armholes are higher to cover high scarring under your arm without being tight or uncomfortable.
  • Adjustable straps help you control how the suit fits your physique.
  • Coverage options vary so that you can select suits depending on your comfort and scarring.
  • Wider straps and higher necklines give additional options to conceal scarring.
  • Choose between more or less coverage, depending on your scarring and preference.

Styles of Swimwear

 Post-mastectomy Swimwear

Like standard swimwear, post-mastectomy swimwear comes in various styles, colors, and sizes. You don’t have to feel trapped in a one-piece suit if it’s not something you’ve ever been comfortable wearing. You can choose to wear a swim dress or halter top if that’s your style.

  • A one-piece swimsuit can offer more support and coverage overall. Many even include skirting or dresses to suit your comfort level.
  • With tankini tops, a two-piece option can offer extra coverage than a traditional bikini with swim tops that provide longer lines to cover your belly and bottoms that can be boy short style or conventionally high cut.
  • Swim dresses and shorts are perfect options to pair with a bikini, tankini, or halter top if you prefer a bit of extra coverage for your backside.

If you’re looking for a one-piece swimsuit that’s perfect for women who decide not to wear breast forms in the water, the Penbrooke Hi-Neck Mio One-Piece Swimsuit is a great choice. The colorful top print features a halter neckline to support and cover any scarring adequately. The soft cups offer bust symmetry while the darker colored bottom features extra paneling for tummy control.

If you’re into mixing and matching your swimwear, the Jodee Mastectomy Blouson Swim Top is another great option to wear with or without breast prosthetics. It’s available in 4 bold patterns and 12 sizes ranging from size 8 to 26W. It features a higher neckline and armholes to cover your scarring and pockets for your breast forms. It can be matched bikini bottoms, shorts, and skirts.

You won’t want to miss the 2020 T.H.E. Collection 915-60 Mastectomy Swimsuit for a choice that offers skirting. Available in sizes 8 to 20, it’s bright, colorful, and, best of all, slimming! It features a pocketed bra for your prosthetics should you choose to wear them. The extra paneling and higher neckline provide comfort and modesty while you relax next to the pool or on the beach.

The Takeaway

Remember that you can always wear mastectomy swimwear without breast prosthetics or swim forms and still find the perfect fit for your unique silhouette. Decisions like these should be made with confidence and your level of comfort in mind.

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