Undergoing surgery for breast cancer can be a daunting experience, and change not only your physical state but your mental state, too. With women either going through a single mastectomy, a double mastectomy or a partial mastectomy, there’s no denying that your body is going to look different post-surgery.

Following surgery, regardless of the volume or location of the breast tissue removal, your breast size changes, meaning bras and clothes may no longer fit the way they used to. Read on to find out why your new bra size can come as a shock after surgery and what you can do to feel comfortable and confident again in your own body.

You Look Different When You Look in the Mirror

Your body is inevitably going to change after surgery, with the type of operation you have determining the degree of asymmetry. A woman’s breasts are often what make her feel feminine and sexy, so when a change as dramatic as a mastectomy occurs, there’s no doubt your new body will come as a shock.

However, rather than looking at it as a negative, try and find the positives. Were your breasts larger than you would have liked before, or have you always dreamed of a bigger cup size? With breast cancer surgery, there comes a chance to explore your body again and decide how you would like your breasts to look. At A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe, you can be fitted for custom-made breast forms that can be made specifically to fit the contours of your new body, leaving you feeling confident again when looking in the mirror.

You’re Not Used to Your New Bra Fit

Living with the same breasts all your life and having them suddenly change will obviously result in shock. If you’re feeling uneasy about the new you, there are ways you can non-surgically enhance your breasts following a mastectomy.

New Bra Fit

The ABC My Shape Triangle Breast Prosthesis is designed to recreate the natural shape and look of your breasts. If you’ve had a single mastectomy, you can choose the size that fits your natural breast shape, or if you’ve had a double mastectomy, why not take advantage of this situation and choose the size you’ve always wanted?

Best ABC My Shape Triangle Breast Prosthesis

There are many amazing mastectomy bras available that have fabric pockets that allow you to insert the prosthesis inside, ensuring a natural and balanced look. The Amoena Rita Soft Cup With Coolmax Pockets Bra is modest yet attractive, provides firm control, is wire-free for comfort, and features bilateral pockets for breast forms. Available in band sizes that fit most busts, you’ll be able to look in the mirror and fall back in love with your body.

Love the Skin You’re In

While breast cancer surgery can save your life, it can still leave you feeling self-conscious about your new body. To regain your confidence, choose products that are designed specifically for cancer survivors, and you’ll be able to love the skin you’re in and feel comfortable when looking in the mirror again.

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