If you’ve had a mastectomy or any other form of breast cancer surgery, you may be feeling apprehensive about stepping out into the water again and exercising. From the risk of sun exposure on delicate areas to limited mobility, there is a myriad of challenges for women wanting to get back in the water post-surgery. However, you can feel confident and comfortable with the right swimwear when heading out for a dip.

With specially designed swimsuits and mastectomy swimwear readily available for cancer survivors, you can head out with friends and family and enjoy the relaxing experience of feeling free in the water again.

Read on to learn more about mastectomy bathing suits and why fabric matters for your comfort.

Mastectomy Swimwear

It’s Important Not to Irritate the Skin

After breast cancer surgery, your skin and surrounding breast area are more sensitive than it was before. This is why a post-mastectomy swimsuit needs to be made from an irritant-free, high-performance material and feature flat seams or a seamless construction that won’t cause rashes when damp.

The Amoena Rome One-Piece Mastectomy Swimsuit – Navy/Turquoise is made from a two-way stretch weave fabric. It is also extremely breathable, allowing the costume to sit comfortably on any part of the skin, including more sensitive areas.

Amoena Rome One-Piece Mastectomy Swimsuit

Fabric Should Be Highly Durable

When it comes to searching for the perfect mastectomy swimsuit, you want it to last season after season. Look for swimsuits made from a blend of breathable synthetics, including spandex, Lycra®, and nylon, that also provide a body-hugging fit.

With the skin being more sensitive to UV rays after surgery, especially if you have also undergone radiation therapy, it is essential your swimsuit’s material can withstand prolonged exposure to extreme heat.

Mastectomy swimsuit fabrics should also be quick-drying and not fade or deteriorate after long periods of sun exposure. Your swimsuit should also be resistant to saltwater, chlorine, and chemically treated water.

The Amoena Ayon Half Bodice Swimsuit is a perfect option – not only is the material resistant to the elements, but the high neckline blocks the sun and prevents UV from causing skin damage during your recovery. The slightly angled straps sit high on your shoulders to prevent digging in at the armpits.

Amoena Ayon Half Bodice Swimsuit

They Accommodate a Breast Prosthesis Comfortably

As well as ensuring the fabric is durable and can be worn for extended periods on sensitive skin types, mastectomy swimsuit materials also need to be accommodating to breast forms and other prosthesis.

With many women not opting for breast reconstruction to avoid further invasive treatments, mastectomy swimwear fabrics make it easy for swim forms to look natural and feel comfortable. Built-in pockets assure women that the breast forms won’t lose shape or slip out of the costume.

This 2020 T.H.E Collection Tank Strap Blouson Swim Top features pockets on both sides for a breast form or enhancer and has a drawstring at either side to either loosen the top and create less pressure or tighten for your pleasure.

Feel Confident and Comfortable in the Water

By understanding the importance of mastectomy swimsuit fabric and finding a bathing costume that not only adheres to your specific needs but makes you feel comfortable and attractive, you’ll be able to swim and frolic in the water without a care in the world.

If you’re looking for specific advice on swimsuits and how to find the perfect size for you, visit afittingexperience.com or call 954-978-8287 to schedule your certified personal fitting or to find out more about our mastectomy products.

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