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"From Radical to Reconstruction"

"From Radical to Reconstruction"

The changes in your body after mastectomy surgery may have you feeling less confident than you used to. The right mastectomy bra can offer the comfort and support you need to help you regain your confidence and begin to feel like your old self again.

If you want to find the biggest range of mastectomy bras possible, there is no better place to start looking than online. However, to find the best bra for your body you need to know where to look and what to look for. To help you get started, here is our helpful guide on how and where to buy the best mastectomy bras online.

Features to Look For in a Mastectomy Bra

When shopping online for a mastectomy bra, there are a few features to look for that can simplify the shopping experience and ensure you find a bra that is functional, comfortable and stylish.

Bilateral Interior Pockets

For women who have decided not to have a breast reconstruction after their mastectomy, breast forms offer the perfect alternative to help you regain your shape and balance. However, standard bras aren’t designed to accommodate breast forms so you need to look for a mastectomy bra that features bilateral interior pockets.

Interior pockets are usually constructed from ultrasoft microfiber, cotton or mesh so they are gentle on your skin. The pockets are designed to hold breast forms securely inside your bra cups to prevent them from shifting throughout the day.

The bilateral design means that whether you have had a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, the pockets will support both your breast form and your remaining breast tissue.

Adjustable Straps

Finding a custom fitted bra is almost impossible, but you can create the most comfortable fit possible by opting for a mastectomy bra with adjustable bra straps. Start on the lowest setting possible to prolong the elasticity of your bra straps and choose a bra with wide padded straps to minimize shoulder discomfort.

You can also find mastectomy bras that feature convertible straps to create a halter neck or racer back look to offer you more versatility with your outfit choices. If you are buying a sports mastectomy bra, look for adjustable straps that feature an ergonomic design or sit slightly higher on the shoulder to prevent the straps from slipping during exercise.

Wide Bands

The back and underbust bands are the primary source of support in a bra, not the straps as many women believe. The wider the bra bands, the more supportive your bra will be so when shopping online for your mastectomy bra choose a style that features extra wide bands for the most comfortable fit.

Wide back bands can help to smooth your back giving you a sleek, sexy silhouette even in your favorite tight t-shirt. Wide bands can also stop the bra from riding up or digging in uncomfortably.

Wire Free Cups

While there are very few bras that can rival an underwire when it comes to support, underwires can cause extreme discomfort after mastectomy surgery by digging into wound sites and irritating sensitive skin. The best choice for a post-surgery bra is one with wire free cups.

Mastectomy bras with wire free cups can offer ample support for breast forms and natural breast using advanced fabrics that stretch to firmly hold your body while still allowing the skin to breathe. For added shape and definition look for molded wire free cups that puse gentle padding to enhance your bust.

Tips for How to Buy a Mastectomy Bra Online

Shopping online for mastectomy bras can have its advantages over shopping in store. For many women who may feel self-conscious after breast surgery, online shopping allows you to buy your mastectomy bra away from the stress of other shoppers and busy stores. However, to find the best mastectomy bra online there are a few tips you should follow.

Go for a Professional Fitting

The best way to find the right mastectomy bra for your body is to visit a store and get a professional fitting. Certified fitters understand the different changes women go through after breast surgery and can advise you on which bras will be the most comfortable and offer the features you need.

Professional fittings are discreet and stress-free. Book your fitting for approximately 4-6 weeks after your surgery to allow your body time to heal and for any swelling to subside. This enables the fitter to get the most accurate measurements possible.

At a professional fitting, the trained fitter will ask you questions about the nature of your surgery, any skin sensitivities you may have, and take accurate measurements of key areas around your bust. These measurements allow the fitter to find not only the right band and cup size, but also the right shape and style of bra to suit your needs.

Try On Multiple Styles

Finding the perfect bra can take some trial and error, so you need to try on as many different styles of mastectomy bra as possible to find one that makes you look and feel good.

However, when it comes to buying bras online it can be a challenge to try before you buy. Consider purchasing a selection of bras online to try on at home. Check the company’s return policy regarding undergarments so you can keep the ones you love and return the bras you don’t.

Only Buy From a Reputable Seller

When it comes to purchasing mastectomy bras you get what you pay for. Inexpensive bras are typically made from inferior materials and will not offer the comfort you need after a mastectomy.

Choose a reputable online store that specializes in mastectomy products. These sellers carry trusted brands who produce superior mastectomy products built for comfort, support and style. Unlike a department store, an online mastectomy product store will also have staff with extensive knowledge of mastectomy bras who can help you find the right style to suit your needs.

The Wrap Up

The right mastectomy bra should be the perfect blend of comfort, style and high function to help you regain your confidence after mastectomy surgery. But finding the perfect mastectomy bra online can be challenging. Try these tips to help you find the best bra for your body and call A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe on (954)-543-1262 to book your professional fitting and explore for all your post-mastectomy apparel.

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