Finding the right bra can be hard under any circumstance, but after a mastectomy, there’s a host of new factors that need to be considered. Not all of those things are practical matters; some are deeply personal and leave you feeling emotionally raw.

Finding the right mastectomy bra can make a world of difference to how you feel about your post-mastectomy body, bringing back your confidence and helping you reclaim who you are after such a life-changing experience.

But what do you do when you hate your mastectomy bra? What do you do when it doesn’t feel right, fit well, or provide the support you need? In that situation, you may need to get help to understand your options.

Different Circumstances

Dealing with breast cancer and undergoing a mastectomy is an overwhelming, confusing, and emotionally draining time, and even once you’ve had your mastectomy, you can still feel adrift and unsure. It takes time, healing, and guidance to navigate these new waters.

Post-mastectomy life is full of decisions, and how women choose to move through this time is deeply personal. Some women decide to consult a plastic surgeon so they can create the appearance of natural breasts with implants undergoing reconstructive surgeries, while other women choose to use breast forms or shapers to fill out their bra.

Each situation requires unique treatment and individual attention to get the best results. Without this professional support, women can feel confused about how to dress their post-mastectomy body shape.

Understanding Mastectomy Bras

Before you can choose the right mastectomy bra, it’s vital to understand their purpose and how they work. Mastectomy bras play a crucial role in the healing process. Once the doctor sees that enough healing has occurred, a woman can move from compression or surgical bras—which are essential for a successful healing process—to a specially designed mastectomy bra.

The type of breast surgery a woman undergoes determines the bra she’ll need. If a woman has a double mastectomy, where both breasts are removed, she must decide whether to wear breast forms, what kind to wear, and ensure she buys a bra with built-in pockets.

Alternatively, if a woman has had a mastectomy and reconstruction, she doesn’t need to wear a prosthesis since she’ll already have a natural shape.

Getting the Support You Need

You deserve to feel good in your body, so if you’re not feeling good in your mastectomy bra, it’s essential to do something about it. Finding a properly fitting mastectomy bra can improve your self-esteem and mental wellbeing while also supporting your physical health.

When a woman wears breast prostheses, trying to self-determine the correct bra size can be even more challenging. A bra’s fit will influence how a breast form feels, so getting the wrong fit can be uncomfortable; the forms can feel “loose” or be pushed uncomfortably into the chest.

Getting professionally fitted allows you to get the right bra without the guesswork that comes with trying to figure out your bra size. A professional fitter will consider your specific body shape and your requirements so you can find a bra you love. The right fitter will also be sensitive to your feelings and help you feel emotionally supported during such a vulnerable experience.

The Wonder of Sports Bras

Sports bras are an ideal choice for post-mastectomy life. They offer full support, have seamless soft cups, have a wide underband, and often come with a front closure, which helps women who still have a restricted range of motion.

ANITA Firm Support Sports Bra

The ANITA Firm Support Sports Bra is the perfect example of comfort and convenience for a woman who has undergone breast reconstruction. After a reconstruction, breast tissue can be ultra-sensitive and needs gentle fabrics. This ANITA bra is made from soft, breathable cotton microfiber that won’t irritate sensitive skin or leave you feeling sticky after a workout.

Choosing a Mastectomy Bra with Pockets

Many mastectomy bras feature pockets specifically for use with breast prostheses. These pockets mean you don’t have to buy an adhesive breast form; you don’t need to stick the form to your chest wall; you can simply slide the form into the bra’s pockets.

Mastectomy Bra with Pockets

The ABC T-shirt Lace Contour Bra shows you how you can feel good in a mastectomy bra. T-shirt style bras are made for form-fitting clothes, giving a smooth appearance regardless of what you choose to wear.

This mastectomy bra features a thin foam layer to help create smooth shape and an attractive silhouette, while the cotton pockets feel soft against the skin and make space for your choice of breast form.

Find a Mastectomy Bra You Love

Save yourself time and emotional energy by booking a professional fitting. Our team of experienced fitters is here to guide you through the process and help you find a bra you adore and feel fabulous wearing.

You don’t need to wear a bra you hate. Call us at (954) 978-8287 to arrange an in-person or virtual appointment so you can discover the difference of a professional fitting.

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