It’s estimated that close to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Your band size or cup size can change after pregnancy or surgery, such as a mastectomy or reconstruction. A bra that doesn’t fit right is uncomfortable to wear and it doesn’t offer the support you need.

If your bra’s band is riding up your back, the cups have gaps, or your bra straps keep falling down, you probably need a new bra. You will also need a new bra after a mastectomy or reconstructive surgery. Specialized mastectomy bras offer features like bilateral interior pockets, wide underbust bands, and padded straps to provide added support for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

Before you go mastectomy bra shopping after your breast surgery, make an appointment with A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe’s professional bra fitters. Our ABCOP-certified fitters can help you find the right size and fit so you feel comfortable and confident in your new mastectomy bra.

We Get Accurate Measurements for a Mastectomy Bra

Your professional fitter sa tape measure to find your band and cup measurements. To measure your band size your fitter will place the tape measure on your chest under your remaining breast where the band usually sits. They wrap the tape measure around your torso, keeping it level. You add 4 to the measurement to get your band size.

For your cup size they’ll place the measuring tape across the fullest part of your remaining breast and measure to the center of your spine. They multiply this number by 2 for the final cup measurement.

If you’ve had a double mastectomy they only need to measure your band size. You can choose the cup size that fits the size of your breast form and looks proportional with your body shape.

You don’t have to remove your bra for the fitter to get the right measurement unless you are wearing a padded or molded cup bra. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Your bra fitter has worked with women of all ages and sizes, so they understand your personal needs and treat you with compassion.

We’ll Find Your Sister Size

The size of bras can vary from brand to brand, and even between styles of the same brand. Your sister size complements your true size so you can wear a bra that fits you best.

The sister size rule is to go down a cup size when you go up a band size, and vice versa. If your true size is 32C your sister size is 34B or 30D. You may find a bra fits better in your sister size than your true size.

We Process Insurance Claims

The team at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe don’t just fit bras and breast forms, we can also help you file your insurance claim with your provider to ensure you are reimbursed for some of your mastectomy products.

According to the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act, insurance providers are obligated to offer coverage for mastectomy bras and breast prostheses if they also offer coverage for mastectomy surgery. Most providers allow you to claim two to four bras per year and one or two breast forms.

If you are unsure about your coverage or how to file a claim, we offer a convenient online portal that makes claiming your mastectomy bras and breast forms quick and easy. We can also contact the insurance company department responsible for reviewing claims to verify your benefits.

If you require a prescription to claim your benefits, we are happy to contact your doctor to obtain a referral on your behalf.

You Can Ask Us for Advice

Your fitting is more than just measurements. Different body types require different styles of bra for support. Bra fitters can help you try on bras in the fitting room and give you advice on which style best complements your shape and prosthesis.

Your fitter can help you find specific bra styles for every occasion, like an everyday seamless mastectomy bra, compression bra, a front-close leisure bra, or a mastectomy sports bra to fit your prosthesis. We’ll offer you a second set of eyes and give you our honest opinion because your comfort and self-esteem are important to us.

Mastectomy Sports Bra

Find Your Perfect Bra With a Professional Fitting

If you’re worried that you’re wearing the wrong sized bra, consider a professional bra fitting. A professional fitter eliminates the frustration of finding the right mastectomy bra. If you’ve recently had a mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery you’ll need new bras, and a professional fitter can make the process quick and easy.

A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe offers in-person and virtual fittings for bras and prostheses. Our knowledgeable and accredited professional fitters will treat you with care and compassion. We’ll make sure your bra fits your needs and recovery stage so you feel comfortable and confident. Schedule your personal fitting by calling us at (954) 978-8287 today.

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