Following a mastectomy or lumpectomy, your doctor may recommend a breast reconstruction to help restore your shape. While immediate reconstruction can be an excellent option to regain your curves and improve your balance, additional surgeries can tax your body further and may interfere with cancer treatments like radiotherapy.

According to the American Cancer Society, many women search for alternatives to reconstruction surgery to allow their body time to recover after a mastectomy. One of the best options is wearing a breast prosthesis to help you feel more comfortable with your post-surgery body.


However, every post-surgery body is unique and requires a breast form that seamlessly fits the shape of the chest wall. With so many styles and types of breast forms, finding one that fits your body is challenging. To meet the needs of mastectomy patients changing bodies, industry-leading brand Amoena has developed a breast form that adapts to your shape.

The New Generation of Breast Forms: Amoena Adapt Air

The Amoena Adapt Air breast form uses innovative technology to create a closer fit. It’s the latest technology in breast prostheses that combines comfort with a realistic look that mimics a natural breast.

Amoena adjustable breast form

Features of the Amoena Adapt Air

The Amoena Adapt Air Breast Form features an integrated air chamber that you can adjust to fit your chest wall. With an easy-to-use air pump, you can simply add or release air to create a closer skin-to-skin fit.

It uses a combination of materials, including PU film, lightweight silicone, and phase-change material for comfort and breathability. The temperature-equalizing layer adjusts to your skin for a cool fit, and the lightweight material won’t put pressure on your skin.

The structured back is ventilated and offers flexibility so that the prosthetic fits against the breast tissue as the air pump is used. For women who want to wear a prosthesis without feeling like they are using artificial breast forms, the Amoena Adapt Air form is a comfortable option.

Who Can Benefit from the Amoena Adapt Air?

The Amoena Adapt Air breast form can help women who have undergone surgery as part of their breast cancer treatment.

Following a mastectomy or lumpectomy, you’ll experience body asymmetry, which can physically and mentally impact you. An uneven chest wall due to surgical scarring can make women self-conscious about their appearance, and the imbalanced weight distribution can cause neck and back pain.

The Amoena Adapt Air product can be used to balance the shape and size of breasts and can be used with or without mastectomy bras.

For women who experience breast size fluctuations due to lymphedema or weight gain, the Amoena Adapt Air can help you adjust your silhouette to help you feel more confident in your body.

The Amoena Adapt Air is an excellent way to manage some of the issues that occur with standard breast forms. When not worn with a pocketed mastectomy bra, breast forms can slip out of place, while heavy silicone breast forms can cause shoulder strain. The non-breathable materials make it challenging to regulate your temperature, leading to perspiration and skin irritation.

The Amoena Adapt Air is crafted from silicone that is 40% lighter than standard silicone prostheses, and the adjustable volume allows you to achieve a closer, more secure fit. The Adapt Air also features Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology, which absorbs, stores, and releases heat to maintain your ideal temperature.

Alternatives to the Amoena Adapt Air: American Breast Care Custom Prosthesis

A custom breast prosthesis is another excellent option for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery. An American Breast Care breast prosthesis is developed using advanced scanning and technology to match your body’s contours and skin tone perfectly.

Custom made breast shape

The custom prostheses come with three backing options: Advanced Cooling Technology (ACT), Open Back, and Closed Back. The ACT option is ideal for women struggling to self-regulate their temperature following surgery, whether due to chemotherapy, menopause, or another medical issue.

The open back features an ultra-soft porous silicone backing that adheres closely to your skin, while closed back models offer quick drying times, essential for easy cleaning and maintenance or if you are using them as swim forms.

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