Waiting for summer can sometimes be a challenge, but once it arrives, it’s time to jump right in. Selecting your swimsuit before summer gets here creates excitement and anticipation for those warm days ahead. For breast cancer survivors, it also provides something to look forward to with the hopes of finding a swimsuit to cater to your new body.

If you have trouble getting started or choosing the right style, begin with a personalized fitting for your swim forms or other prostheses at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe. Our compassionate staff can help you learn about mastectomy swimwear and the many options you have available.

Following a mastectomy, swimwear may be the last thing on your mind. But once the weather warms up, so does a glimmer of excitement for the days ahead. Prepare yourself by taking the time to consider what type of swimsuit will suit you best now, and take a look at these swimwear trends to make a splash in this summer.

Swimwear Trends

The Ties Have It

Gone away are the belted swimsuit versions of years past. This summer, be seen in an updated tie feature swimsuit. These ties can accentuate your waist, drawing the eye to your midsection and away from your bust area. Ties can also feature on a bikini or tankini top, with some drawing in to tighten the look or loosening to provide more material and space for a fuller, blouson look.

The Jodee Mastectomy Blouson Swim Top provides a side tie for a style element, along with a higher neckline and armholes, which are essential to build confidence after a mastectomy. It also has built-in pockets to hold your breast forms. Pair the swim top with a high-waisted bikini bottom for full coverage and comfort.

Ribbed Designs

Both fashionable and functional ribbed swimsuits are perfect for relaxing as well as participating in all types of water sports when you’re ready. The material itself stretches with you, then relaxes back in place to hold your shape in place.

Anita Active Swim Forms

Pair your swimsuit with ribbed swim forms, like the Anita Active Swim Forms. Water drains quickly away from the ribbed design, keeping the forms in place and preventing them from being pushed upwards as you move.

Go for Comfort

These days comfort is queen, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up style. Keep both by wearing a swimsuit made of soft fabrics and fuller design for comfort, and pretty colors, and unique designs for style.

Anita Mexicali Bikini Set

The fuller Anita Mexicali Bikini Set comes with super soft opaque cups, pockets for your swim forms, an adjustable neckline and straps, and additional bust lining for support. Styled with a coral reef-on-white design, you’ll be ready for a swim in the ocean or walk on the beach with confidence and comfort.

Go Asymmetrical

Penbrooke On Shoulder Mio Swim Suit

Another way to add style to your swimsuit, other than color or design, is in asymmetrical shaping. This adds a geometric element that stands out and makes you feel special. Go for subtle sophistication with the Penbrooke On Shoulder Mio Swim Suit patterned in luscious deep green tropical foliage.

High Cut One-Piece

The classic one-piece swimsuit is always in style. This summer, look for high-cut designs for a trendy yet refined look. High-cut bottoms can make your legs look longer and also draw attention to your lower body and away from your bust area.

For colors or designs, go for the glitz with shiny, satiny materials, timeless animal prints, or the classic go-to of black and white.

While the trends may change from summer to summer, the functionality of specially designed mastectomy swimwear doesn’t. Look for higher necklines and armholes to cover scarring and provide additional support, adjustable straps, and prosthesis pockets to hold your forms securely.

Visit A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe

When it comes to swimwear, you have so many choices. Knowing what to look for and the features mastectomy swimwear brings with it takes time. We can help you find the right swim forms for your body and introduce you to the many choices you have available for swimwear options this summer. Call our shop today at (954) 978-8287 to schedule your in-person or virtual consultation.

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