Finding the perfect breast cancer post-mastectomy silicone breast prosthesis can be a challenge, and once you find the perfect fit, you want to make sure you are taking good care of them.

If damage does occur, being able to repair your silicone breast prostheses properly ensures their longevity and effectiveness.

Why choose silicone breast forms?

After a double mastectomy, women often feel less feminine or self-conscious about their figures. Having a partial breast or full mastectomy is an incredibly brave decision and does not make a woman any less beautiful. 

Many women do choose, however, to use breast forms to balance their silhouette and achieve symmetry in their mastectomy bras. Foam or fiberfill breast forms are a great option directly following surgery, as they are cool and lightweight and do not cause any irritation or heaviness. However, silicone breast forms look and feel more like the natural breast, making them desirable for long-term wear.

Silicone breast forms are an ideal alternative to undergoing surgery for breast reconstruction, which can be harrowing and introduces additional health risks.

Silicone breast prostheses come in a variety of forms, but all are designed to fit smoothly and seamlessly under your clothes. The adhesive models adhere to the chest using a special adhesive, while other silicone breast form models are designed to sit in the pockets of mastectomy clothing.

Mimicking the weight and movement of your natural breast tissue, silicone breast forms are the most natural-looking breast prostheses on the market. They will even warm to the temperature of your body.

right post-surgical mastectomy bra

Making a Repair

If something does happen to your silicone breast forms, repairing them as soon as possible after the damage is found is crucial. Further damages or leakages can occur if action is not taken right away.

After the damage has been located, find a suitable adhesive material to repair silicone. Some patching materials include:

  • Smooth surface tape used for gauze bandages
  • Clear silicone glue
  • Duct tape, though it does not always look the best
  • Tegaderm dermal adhesive patches from 3M can be found in most pharmacies

To make the repair, very gently clean the breast form and wipe away any silicone leakage. If you have a puncture or a tear, stretch the breast form out to make a smooth surface, and tape over the damaged area.

If the seams of your breast prostheses are split, tape the back first. Leave a half-inch of tape extending past the breast form, and then do the same to the front, and press the sticky sides of the tape extensions together firmly. Trim the excess tape up to 1/8” past the old seam.

Whether or not you will be able to repair the breast form is dependent on the following:

  • The size of the puncture
  • The amount of silicone lost
  • The amount of time between the damage and repair

Silicone Breast Prostheses Repair Tips

Directions for Using Permatex to Repair a Punctured Breast Form:

Permatex is a liquid silicone adhesive sealant. The following are directions on how to use this product when repairing your damaged breast form:

  • Thoroughly clean the area that needs repair
  • Cut the tube and apply an even amount of Permatex to the length of the puncture
  • Leave for 30 minutes to one hour until the surface is tack free
  • Replace the cap on the Permatex immediately after use and rinse any silicone that made contact with skin

Other Essential Care Tips

Most silicone breast prostheses come with instructions for their care, but generally, they are low-maintenance and caring for them is simple.

Your breast forms should be washed every day. It can be done quickly and easily and keeps them fresh. Silicone breast forms should be hand washed in lukewarm water with a gentle soap or a breast care foam cleaner. The silicone gel foam breast forms should be laid to dry on a towel. Always wash breast forms after swimming or exposure to chlorine or saltwater.

Store your silicone breast forms in the same box they came in. This can help them to hold their shape for longer and keep them safe from pets or other hazards. Try to avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures when wearing your silicone prostheses.

Though sturdy, silicone breast prostheses should be kept away from sharp objects, as well as keeping the breast forms away from powders and perfumes, which can prevent the breast forms from sticking correctly to your body.

Silicone Breast Prostheses Options

While damage can happen, one of the best ways to prevent it, is by purchasing high-quality breast prostheses through your insurance plan. The more durable and well-made your breast forms, the less likely they will rip, tear, or puncture.

American Breast Care offers a variety of high-quality and custom breast forms. Their products are directly matched to your skin tone and give you the option of including a realistic nipple and areola. Other brands such as Amoena and Jodee are also offered by insurance companies for custom breast forms that are natural-looking and feeling and give the perfect pocket to hold for a great fit.

The Takeaway

For an incredibly large selection of quality post-mastectomy silicone breast prostheses, post-surgical bras have pockets sewn in the right and left side perfect to wear a prosthesis, mastectomy bathing suits, and more, contact a custom fitter at our specialty shop, A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe today.

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