A mastectomy bra is a specialized bra designed to provide support and comfort to women who have undergone a mastectomy. Mastectomy bras help restore balance and symmetry to the body after surgery and make it easier for women to feel comfortable in their skin.



What Are Mastectomy Bras?

A mastectomy bra is a type of post-surgical undergarment that is specifically designed for wear after breast surgery. Unlike regular bras, mastectomy bras feature pockets that can be used to insert prosthetic breasts or breast forms. These supportive bras also offer comfort-enhancing features such as padded shoulder straps, front closures, and extra wide underbust bands.

These bras can also be worn by women with unevenly sized breasts, as the pockets can help balance out the appearance of the chest. Mastectomy bras can also help boost self-confidence and allow you to wear regular clothes more comfortably.

Why Use Mastectomy Bras?

While there are many types of mastectomy bras on the market, including compression vests, leisure bras, and sports bras, they all share certain features that make them ideally suited for post-op patients:

Help with the Healing Process

A mastectomy is an invasive surgery; recovery can take six to eight weeks. During this time, it is essential to wear a supportive compression bra like the ABC Velcro Front Compression Bra that helps to minimize movement and protect the incisions.


Post-mastectomy bras that offer targeted compression can also prevent post-surgical complications such as infection or lymphedema (excessive swelling in the extremities). Specialized knits and stretch fabrics promote increased blood and lymph flow to flood the area with nutrients and eliminate waste products.

Improve Breast Symmetry

After a mastectomy, many women choose to have breast reconstruction surgery. However, even after reconstruction, there may be some asymmetry between the two breasts.

Wearing a mastectomy bra can help to improve symmetry by providing additional support for the reconstructed breast. If the bra features compression technology, it can also help reduce the risk of implant dislocation to ensure your breast implants remain in place while your body heals.

A supportive bra with pockets can also house shapers or partial breast forms. These prostheses add volume to areas of the chest wall and underarms to create an even appearance.

More Comfortable Than Traditional Bras

Many women who have undergone a mastectomy report discomfort when wearing traditional bras. Bra straps that dig into your shoulders, underwires that poke and prod, and back bands that ride up are all common complaints when it comes to traditional bras. Many bras also have an underwire that can press against the chest, causing discomfort.

Mastectomy bras are designed to be more comfortable. They have soft inner linings that prevent pain and allow the skin on the chest to breathe. They offer wider straps and pockets to hold prosthetic breasts. Some mastectomy bras even come with built-in drainage pouches to hold tubes to help with the healing process.

Mastectomy bras typically feature hook-and-eye or zippered closures for optimal security. These closures can be at the front of the bra for easy dressing if you have limited upper body movement or at the back like a traditional bra.

Available in Different Styles

While many of these bras are functional and practical, there is no reason that they can’t also be stylish. Numerous companies, including Anita, Amoena, and American Breast Care, specialize in designing beautiful mastectomy bras.

Whether you’re looking for a lacy balconette bra or a sporty tank top with built-in support, it’s easy to find a mastectomy bra that suits your taste and lifestyle. And with so many options available, there’s no need to sacrifice style for comfort.


You can also find various types of mastectomy bras to suit any activity. When you are ready to start exercising again, invest in a high-impact sports bra like the Anita Extreme Control Post-Mastectomy Bra. This bra features a functionally tailored back, allowing for a full range of motion, mesh panels for optimal breathability and sweat control, and terry cloth pockets to prevent chafing and irritation on your chest wall.

Reduce Poor Posture and Back Pain

Following a mastectomy (especially a unilateral or breast-conserving surgery), you may experience bodily imbalance, which can adversely affect your posture. Using weighted breast prostheses and a pocketed mastectomy bra after the initial healing period can support your spine and back muscles. This can prevent a hunched posture or spinal curvature.

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